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Sophie Sep 1 '17
I went against popular r/fasting wisdom which is to eat small quantities of fruit such as watermelon. I was deciding between some cow organ meat or visceral cow fat. The reasoning I had was that my body would be in an advanced state of ketosis, having spent the last 14 days "consuming" my own body fat, and it would react best to a non-veg keto meal.

So I fired up my sous-vide and cooked myself 2 portions of cow liver (about 10 slices) and a portion of fatty cow heart (5 slices). It didn't kill me, nor did it put me into that deep sleep many other extended fasters experienced. I guess this meant my body approved of the first meal.

nairb107 Sep 1 '17
I've found this to be absolutely the case for me.  I now break all my fasts as close to zero-carb/high fat as possible.  

I'd love to hear your recipe for sous vide cow liver and heart.  I've been working to incorporate more organ meat into my diet, my current preferred source of liver is a local pastured organic liverwurst, made with bacon.  It's delicious, but it's pretty expensive.  
My attempts at cooking cow liver have been a miserable failure and heart was so-so.  But have yet to try sous-vide for cooking either.

Sophie Sep 2 '17
I'm afraid my "recipes" are rather spartan. I simply slice them up and toss them into the sous vide for 135-140F for about 1-2 hours. Sometimes I add lo-salt and/or white ground pepper.

The taste is something to be acquired tho. It took me a while before I started to enjoy the taste/texture.

Do you get your liver/heart fresh? I think it makes a difference. The first time I asked for it at the market, they asked if I wanted fresh or frozen.

Nessaroze Sep 5 '17
I've done enough fasts and broken them in every imaginable way, from junk to raw fruits to broth and eggs, etc.

What works best for me is making turkey throat based broth and adding some eggs to it. I let it simmer for 3-4 hours with some vegs. Then I will take just the water, one slice of throat, and one egg, and eat it. It's given me the smoothest fast-exit, now weird cravings, no suddenly attacking food on sight, etc, and keeps the refeed-gain to a bare minimum.
Sophie Sep 6 '17
Sudden refeed frenzies are definitely a thing with me. A tub of chocolate ice cream here, a roast duck there and I'm realizing just how much I'm enjoying my food! On the one hand, I want my digestive system to feel clean and unencumbered, on the other I don't want to be nit-picking and calorie-counting the stuff I eat. This effort to understand my relationship with food and eating is growing more complex.
rmtz Sep 22 '17
similar story for me

at the end of my first fast about 2 months ago, I did the worst thing that people advised against : ordered 3 pizzas. felt just fine (twas the best pizzas I ever eaten though, hunger really is the best spice)

now I use a custom junk recipe that I call "flammkueche in a bowl" which is simply a flammkueche topping with more cheese and sausage to break my weekly fasts so that I can stay in ketosis.