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adminfs Sep 25 '17
A 10 (calendar) day fast. You decide what that means. I will be having water, coffee, tea, broth, and supplements. My goal is to get into the 130s, and to complete my longest fast yet. My previous longest fast was 7 calendar days. If you want to make base your "days" on 24-hour periods instead of calendar dates, go for it.

Please none of the following in your posts:

1) Fantasizing about everything you'll be eating after the fast--we're not here to worship food. (Okay to briefly note what you are craving, but please don't dwell on it.)

2) Body-shaming, yours or anybody else's

3) Judging others' fasting methods/preferences

Please do:

1) Post your struggles, victories, goals, and results

2) Share what you are doing instead of eating!

3) Encourage others and share safe, healthy tips

4) Listen to your body and stop fasting if there is any doubt about whether to continue

Loli Sep 25 '17
How's it going folks?
adminfs Sep 25 '17
So far so good. 19 hours and counting.
adminfs Sep 25 '17
Well. First day down for me. I'm going to sleep. Hopefully everyone was able to make it happen today. If so, good job. If not, good job.

Until tomorrow my friends :)

FastingMama Sep 25 '17
Day 1 done yay!  Only black coffee and water.  Falling asleep and staying asleep is where I usually struggle.  

Pyx Sep 25 '17
A couple hours 'til midnight here, and over 24 hours since my last meal. Going well so far! Only a couple twisty hunger pangs, but they passed quickly. Right now I'm having a herbal tea and setting my bullet journal up for October while I wind down for bed.

Feeling optimistic for the days ahead :)

Loli Sep 25 '17
Awesome, job well done all. A tip on sleeping... dollar tree sells a bottle of 30 melatonin with valerian and calmomile for 1$ and it is the best I've ever tried. 
Ronnie0836 Sep 26 '17
@Loli that's good to know about the melatonin.
246156 Sep 26 '17
I had trouble falling asleep last night too. Not sure if it was from fasting or from a new medication I'm taking. 
kaleidoscopeiiis Sep 26 '17
Going well! I dropped 5 lbs overnight... haha (see my log for details on why). Mildly hungry at the moment, but happy that we are doing this together! I love this website. <3
Loli Sep 26 '17
Interesting, I gained 4 haha, drank a lot throughout the night tho so... bit of a challenge sleeping but woke up 2.5 hours earlier than usual feeling very rested and cold?! 
246156 Sep 26 '17
Today is going pretty well. I'm making a big pot of vegetable stock today. It kind of feels like cheating, but if it helps me stay on track I'm ok with it. Is anyone else doing broth? 
Pyx Sep 26 '17
I haven't taken broth yet but it's on my allowed list along with 0 cal beverages. There are no hard and fast group rules so if it helps you achieve your goals, well *thumbsup*

ETA: the four question marks were an emoji, I was posting from mobile, now on the computer I see that doesn't go through right, haha.

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lethalbanana Sep 26 '17
I have only 0 cal beverages, but if broth helps you stay on track, then definitely have it!

Passed 24h! After I became addicted to eating out of boredom it was a real struggle for me to go over 24h, but once I'm pass that, I can't quit! Only slight hunger, feeling weaker.

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jon Sep 26 '17
42 hour check in.

How's everyone doing.

Still going strong!

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Loli Sep 26 '17
Doing ok so far. 

crawlie Sep 27 '17
I'm at GMT+13, so my hours are going to be weird I think :)

I'm at 46 hours currently.  Still a bit jetlagged I think so have had some difficulty sleeping, otherwise the fast is going fine.  Dreamed I broke it last night lol!

jon Sep 27 '17

Let's get another day shall we?

246156 Sep 27 '17
Good morning! Hope everyone is feeling alright! Last night I got the best night's sleep I've gotten in a very long time, even with the baby waking me up. It was incredible.
Pyx Sep 27 '17
Woohoo, sleep! That's always something to celebrate :D Mine was rougher, but overall I caught at least 6 hours cumulatively, so I'm not gonna complain too much.

I can't remember if Jon said it here or in the group board, but those 'bonus' hours from sleeping are sometimes my biggest motivation for going to bed, haha.

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