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Sophie Sep 19 '17

Every year, my younger brother and I starve ourselves for 34 days like my dead brother did before he took his own life


In October 2011, my older brother (23) died by suicide via a self-inflicted gunshot wound. My family later discovered that he went without food for 34 days and only intermittently drank water. To commemorate him, my younger brother and I water fast for 34 days – from September 19th until the day of his death, October 23rd. This will be the fifth year that we have done it. Although I am not sure what this accomplishes, it somehow feels right to suffer like he did.

adminfs Sep 19 '17
Jeez. Thats a rough one.
Arekay Sep 25 '17
I'm sorry for your loss, and it's nice that you fast to commemorate him.