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Sophie Sep 19 '17
(Apart from the obvious food/eating)

1. Pooping

2. Feeling warm

3. Burps (esp those that taste better coming up)

4. Energy to do stuff

5. Not having to plan outings so I don't over-exert

6. Not having to plan the things I put in my bag cos it becomes too heavy

7. Cooking

8. Going to the (super)market

9. Being able to binge an entire season of whatever (2 eps will sufficiently drain me so that I actually need to nap)

10. Going out with friends (I still do but only with the ones who can tolerate my having only water the whole time)

Queendiadiap Apr 4 '18
1. Eating with my family

2. Planning meals

3. Grocery shopping

4. Feeling warm

5. Having physical energy

6. Cooking with music 

7. Sleeping 

That's it pretty much