7 day fast


Date & time Nov 29 '17
Event ends Dec 5 '17
Anywhere and Everywhere
Creator sunsetketo

Who's fasting



I am starting a fast tomorrow. I hope to go at least a week. It will be a water fast with the addition of salt, magnesium, or potassium when necessary. I will also probably take Vitamin C because I typically feel better on my fasts with this. I will also be trying to do light workouts and take epsom salt baths. 

 I have been feeling really fatigued lately with a lot of brain fog and reduced initiative, and it seems to be mainly post-meals. I want to fast because I always feel so much better doing so. I am working full time as well as in school full time so I am hoping it will help me balance the two. The last fast I did was 12 days and I have never felt better, the only reason I stopped was because my family was getting suspicious about me not eating and I don't like them to know when I fast.  

Anyways, anybody is free to join. Lets fast together!


Dec 4 '17
Good luck
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