Fast for peace - 24-hour water fast


Date & time Apr 15 '18
Event ends Apr 16 '18
Peace can be wherever you are...
Creator TheGandhiGuy

Who's fasting



The fast for peace is group fast on the 15th of each month. It's water only, and can be any 24 hours; dinner-to-dinner fasts are a common way to participate. This commemorates Gandhi's fasts for peace in India that saved countless lives.

A 24-hour fast has many mental and physical benefits, but the idea is feared by many because it is unknown. This monthly event helps encourage people to try their first fast; it's less scary when other people are doing it too, plus it's for a cause.

Will you fast for peace with us? In March, we had pledges from 18 states and 7 countries.


Apr 12 '18
If you join in each month, you're also invited to keep and share your score as a fraction: 15/1, 15/2, 15/3, etc, where the denominator is the number of times you've fasted on the 15th. Peace is a long term commitment, not a quick fix. #fastforpeace
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