soldier76's Fasting Logs

f23 5'4

SW: 215
CW: 213
End Fast GW: 199

Length: 21 days.

Goal: Weight loss, pain / inflammation reduction

Yesterday I intended to be my first day, but I broke it at 22 hours and ended up doing a ketogenic OMAD meal: three eggs, kale, spinach, bell pepper, sour cream. But then I broke keto and had three spoonfuls of PB. No regrets LOL it was delicious. So today is another start and I'm optimistic. I am 20 hours in. 

I've noticed my weight is fluctuating lower and lower throughout the day. I suppose it is the water weight mostly. I'm getting a membership at the gym today, which I had been going to regularly but stopped during the spring-summer. Last year I focused on strength training, this year will be cardio.

I think I'll be able to get through this day and onto the next! I'm betting on reciting the psychology of hunger and learning to find peace in emptiness to get me through to my goal :) I really wanna get to 199 from this fast!