Waterdoll's Fasting Logs

Oh boy, my skin gets so clear when fasting.
Threw up in the morning some bile. Like a cup of bile. Had to break fast. So did with some cantaloupe and a few marcone almonds. Feeling good, maybe just keep going? Officially 4 lbs down.
67 hours in! Feeling just a little dizzy sometimes.

Hubby wants me to stop. Will see.

3.8 lbs down.

I am fasting 20 days, hoping to lose 20 lbs.

38 hours in...all I can think about is popcorn. 

Drinking my water, coke zero, and sparkling water.

Hubbys birthday is on the 4th, not sure what I'm gonna do!! Suggestions? Should I just eat under 500, or what??

.8 lbs down. 19.2 to go.