Pyx's Fasting Logs



Day 10! I met my stretch goal, although I'm sure refeeding will bump the scale up a couple of pounds at least. I will be keeping it fairly keto at least at first, just to ease in without stuffing my body with sugars. 

Considering I'd only really planned to fast from the 25th thru the 27th, I'm really pleased to have made it to day 10. It wasn't, y'know, fun, by any means, and the timing could have been better, but here I am. 

And I did, finally, get those double-points I'd been meaning to.



Whinge time, today was absolutely awful. I haven't been on here much because I spent so much time sleeping and trying to do chores in between naps. I might skip class tomorrow. The professor isn't super hung up on attendance as long as we can keep up with the homework and readings, so... 

But yeah, went out with my mum to do some arts n crafts shopping. She wasn't sure what she was looking for or where it would be, so we had to walk about a lot (boohoo yeah). We get up to the register and the woman working was very new (and the particular store has constantly rotating sales + not that great of a system anyway) so it took her a very long time to ring up mum's stuff and I was fading fast. 

Then it started to hit me; some sort of aura which made everything blown out and too bright, a headache, clammy and faint... I go sit down and try to play "I'm a grown woman sitting on the floor but y'know it's cool whatevs right?" Yeah. So the headache passes, followed by an hour long cramp session from hell. Still clammy, now in incredible pain, I'm gonna either throw up or pass out or both. We finally get back to the house and I take pain meds, a hot bath, and many naps since then. I feel better but not 100% (not even "fasting 100%"). I haven't had anything that bad since I was a teenager, it was horrendous.

So that was my life today.



Phew, feels like yesterday kinda flew by. Feeling okay today, switched a little to more water as opposed to water + diet soda. Apart from a little caffeine headache (yes, treated with another headache pill, I'm a wimp) not too bad. Definitely in the home stretch now. I had to take a small break between floors when I took the stairs to class, so, still at that 'eeeh' energy level.

TMI btw, but confirmation on the afore-suspected time of month, so the cramps have been... fun. 

Again, nothing major to report, still bumping along. After this is done I may try an OMAD or maybe ADF schedule. 



I have to wonder if I'm coming down with something sinus-y, still getting that pressure and face-aches, and my husband's been dealing with a bad headache and dizziness since last night as well (he eats, so it's not that). Maybe that would explain why I feel so lousy from time to time, if I'm legitimately fighting an illness. I'm definitely jealous of anyone getting boundless energy at this stage! Hehe.

Nothing super interesting to report though. More than halfway through day 7, which is cool. Still getting mega cravings from time to time, and not 'oh my a fresh green salad would be amazing' type cravings either. It's pretty whatever though. Even giving in would take a lot of effort, and I am just so, so lazy.



Whaa? Oke-doke I guess. That doesn't seem right, and I'm prepping to see it a little higher tomorrow. I imagine it's just from not drinking as much due to a little nausea. Oh, as for the nausea, I had some broth and took an antacid a little while later, it more or less calmed down. By the time I woke up this morning (had a pretty good sleep, too) I was feeling pretty good. Then got smashed by a sinus headache around 2, but an excedrin cleared that up in ~30-45 minutes while I had a lie down. 

Getting some tummy grumbles still, but overall not too bad; the guys are over for their DnD sesh and they often bring in their own food, so the smells are pretty yummy and probably causing the growls. Feeling good to be in the final stretch here, more than halfway through day 6. A few more days and I'll have to start thinking about what I'm gonna break on, heh.



Yes still, pah. Well, anyway, I was severely tempted tonight; that's why I waited until the end of the day to make this post. Every week I go over to family's and often that involves food (go figure). Happy to say I got through the whole night without a bite.  Tonight we watched a movie; there was lasagna and garlic bread available, and I cut a slice for my husband. Watching a movie rather than having a proper meal together made it much easier to avoid weird questions (no one knows I'm fasting, not even my SO), but the lasagna smelled very, very good. 

I have felt pretty lousy most of today; low nausea, suuuper sleepy (6 hours of sleep and a 2 hour nap around 2pm, still sleepy now!), headache. I'm about to take a pain med for the headache, just hoping it doesn't make the nausea any worse.

At about 6-7 I broke that 120 hour mark since my last meal, so that's fun. 2 hours until it's the end of calendar day 5 officially (at least in my timezone). Onward to day 6, over halfway through!



Called it! I think a bit of sodium + ensuring I had a decent fluid intake yesterday helped the whole 'this is going a bit fast' thing, although I have to admit it was fun while it lasted. Nevertheless, still well on track to make my fasting GW. Unless food dreams have calories, of course.

On the TMI front; I have had no movement whatsoever for the past 5 days? I had some wind (which was purely wind), but otherwise nothing. I'm also having what feel like mild cramps, which more or less matches my best guess at when I will catch the moon sickness, but no other indications of that so far. Just some oddities.

Today is gonna be a pretty chill day, just gonna be at home working, may try and get some housework in as well if I'm really feeling it. It kinda feels like this week is going so fast. 3.5 days in and I haven't even gotten those knitting needles yet to work on an old project, or pulled out my languishing crochet WIP. Videogames, work, and school. Not bad by any means, I just imagined I'd wanna do more fiber work this week. 

Aaaanyway. Fastwise, nothing really interesting going on, at this point it's feeling pretty stable, and how much can you really say about not eating? I'm hoping the stall doesn't last forever, but at the same time I don't want to bounce back 8 lbs from being totally dehydrated either, so I'll just deal with a plateau every now and then. 



Seems like I  had more water weight in me than I anticipated! Not looking forward to the plateau this will bring, but can't do anything about that. Having more sodium today and watching my liquid intake more closely to ensure I'm actually getting enough (I drink when I'm thirsty, but that may not be enough after 2.5 days).

I created a fasting tracker in my bujo; each day is a large square subdivided into 4 smaller squares, and I get to fill in a small square every 6 hours. I like tracking things. I made it large enough to track up to 25 days if I want to, but I doubt I'll use all of them. Maaaybe 14 if I'm feeling really good on day 10. I certainly am enjoying the freedom from worrying about what, when, and how much I'll eat each day.

Not a lot going on today in terms of anything I would need to leave the house for, now that I'm back from class. Playing Stardew Valley again, which is fun and pretty chill; I can't remember what any of my goals were on this save, so picking it back up is a little bumpy, but still enjoyable.


My bedtime (Yogi brand) tea didn't do miracles for me last night, but on the plus side it was definitely less 'medicinal' tasting than I expected, and I will probably brew a stronger cup tonight. Partly because it tastes pretty good (although I won't be devastated to finish the box), and partly to see if a double-strong steep has more effect.

Weight: 149 (in future I'll just have a number here)

Day 2, and a good way through it as well! So far so good, I've had diet soda, black coffee, and water. Tomorrow may be 'hump day' for many of us in more ways than one, but getting through it is better than repeating the same 2 days over and over (when you want to go longer)! Went to the store and picked up a couple sparkling waters as well, for fun, as well as a night time relaxation tea to encourage sleep. 

I'm surprised that my weight is 149 today, as I only just hit 150 yesterday. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm dehydrated, as that could be a problem later on. Maybe I'll be on 149 for a couple days, though, so I should prepare myself for that. The "downside" of losing more weight this month is that it goes below the tracker in my bullet journal (stops at 149)! Haha, I only gave myself enough space to lose a few pounds; I didn't plan on fasting as often as I have when I was setting up the page.

No real temptations today. I saw my mum, but she didn't try to feed me anything (yay, no excuses needed) and we just drank some coffee together while we chatted. I thought I was being 'brave' today, having my coffee black, but it was one of the smoothest cups of coffee I've had. Apparently mum recently discovered she'd been putting too many grounds in the french press. Good timing.

Can't find my knitting needles. I'll probably buy some later tonight (when it's cooler out, no AC in car), just a cheap metal pair from Wally's will do me. My old ones were bent to heck anyway, and it's rough trying to straighten metal sticks.

Weight this morning: 150

End of fast goal: 145*

It begins! Very excited for this, first time fasting with a group. I hope we all reach the goals that we set for ourselves, whatever they may be! I plan to update each day mid or end of day, depending on what works out. 

Doing this fast primarily for weight loss, so I'm not going as hardcore as many who want to ensure autophagy or other healing benefits. I'm allowing 0 cal beverages (inc. herbal teas and diet drinks) as well as broth for if I feel woozy or unusually lethargic. My longest fast was a 14 day fast, quite some time ago. I'm more accustomed to short, 1-day/36 hour fasts. I think I will enjoy getting back into extended fasting.

It's been about 20 hours since I last ate, 15 since the group fast started, and there haven't been any 'challenging' moments yet, which is to be expected from such a short interval. I'm hoping to miss the rough days because I believe I am either in or close to ketosis already. I did about 72 hours of total, intentional fasting last week (although in my log it's only 2 calendar days, just because of how the hours worked out). When not fasted I was under 40g net carbs, and yesterday specifically I had only eggs and salt. So, ideally there won't be a huge crash after a couple days, just a minor decline during the full transition.

To take advantage of extra time not spent planning, preparing, and eating meals (easily 2 hours if you cook 2 meals a day at home), I'll be picking up some old hobbies that I haven't had as much time for during school. Mainly games, knitting, and crochet. I have a couple projects that could stand dusting off and finishing.

Of course, having more time to devote to work would also be a productivity bonus.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is difficulty sleeping, hopefully it doesn't impact me too badly.

*this seems like a good number assuming I don't have a lot of carb/water weight to drop. 143 would be my 'stretch' goal, but I don't intend to exercise much during this time, so that's just a 'nice if it happens' number.