PopFnordette's Fasting Logs

Background - About me

I'm 28 female, 1.73 (5'8), weight of the day was 69.3 but it was unusually low compared to the rest of the week so I'm suspicious. 

I started IF a week ago after 2 weeks of stress-binging horribly. I want to develop a healthier relationship with food and also lose weight. I feel better on IF but also nervous, like I might mess up any second now.

I'm not following a specific diet (keto\paleo\vegan, like many here). I do count calories.

I'm concerned about letting other people around me know about IF. Knowing my family and friends, they'll instantly assume I'm developing an eating disorder.

Background - About the fasts

Can I just say how weird it feels to detail my new attempted eating habit online? Like, who's gonna read this? Who cares? I'll get to it anyways.My method is a somewhat flexible 20:4 - my eating hours might change a bit depending on the day's schedule, but they're usually around noon. Rule of thumb when unexpected events happen is to always try to keep eating hours below 6 hours and fasting hours over 18 hours. So far this week all my eating windows were below 4 hours and my fasts were 19 hours and up.As I ease into fasting more, I plan to mix in some longer fasts - 24-48 hours perhaps. At no stage am I (currently) planning to do extended fasting.During my fasts I drink water, and once or twice during the fast I'll have tea or coffee (unsweetened of course...) or coke zero. I need the caffeine. 

Actual fasting log of the day

This whole background thing is just because this is the first log entry ok? Like, usually I guess I'll only be posting this. The day's work and such.Today I finished a 22 hours fast, had a 4 hours eating windows that ended just now (17:00 where I live), so now I'm starting the new fast until, at least, noon tomorrow; I'm saying "at least" because I don't know when I'll actually eat tomorrow since I'll be at a friends place, we'll wait and see. Social events usually throw me off schedule and I have 3 of these this week. I'll update tomorrow how I ended this current fast.
Cheers everyone and good luck.

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