PopFnordette's Fasting Logs

I had a downtime. Then I was abroad. Long while... Feels weird to be back.

Did a 57 hours fast to start routine again. Now I'm bumping my way back to my 20:4. I gained quite a bit while I wasn't here, that sucks. Hope to get my act together.

I stress eat. That's what I've been doing this weekend basically; I haven't been fasting at all.

My eating is limited in the times of eating by IF; in the content of the food, by my dietitian's requirements; in the amount of the food, by calorie counting.

These past 3 days I've dismissed each and every limitation and ate what I wanted, how much I wanted and when I wanted - which was a lot of junk pretty frequently.

It's disappointing and frightening to realize how easy it is to fall back to stress eating.

I'm stressed because of food limitations. I'm stressed because work is stressful. I'm stressed because I started studying a new programming language. I'm stressed because I'm starting a few extra academic courses this semester. 

Im stressed because I'm overwhelmed by all the future family gatherings, with my brother's return and the holidays and whathaveyou. I'm stressed because I don't know how to eat there. I'm stressed because I'm going to Georgia in a couple of weeks and I don't know how to eat there. How to IF when trekking? I'm stressed because I still didn't find a catsitter. I'm stressed because my cat peed on the bed yesterday night and I haven't even had time yet to wash the bedcover. I'm stressed because I hardly slept. I'm stressed because my a/c isn't working and my landlord is supposed to come tomorrow. I'm stressed because I missed the train and now I'm gonna arrive home super late again.

I stress over the most mundane things - and then I stress about stressing over such ridiculous issues. And the I stress eat.

I know I should come out of it with some epiphany. Some learning experience, some way to grow out of this. I've been stress eating for the majority of my life now, and I have yet to find a way to pull myself out of that habit.

I don't know. I just want to crash down and have someone else live my life.

Yesterday's eating window was a friend's birthday. Worst pigout ever. Had so much junk. Felt bad later. Nothing more to say that's it don't even respond 


I'm numbering fasting logs, alright? Not fast days. I don't do extended fasting.

I'm into the 25th hour of my current fast, which will last until a social dinner this evening (so 3-4 more hours). Feels weird; kind of like I could continue this for another 24h, and also like I could eat everything in my pantry. 

Speaking of, I have a lot of unused food now. Need to get that going with some meal-prepping for my eating window. Ugh this could have been much easier without social meals and events but I don't wanna give up on them so I'm making them my daily meals.

Anyways these last 24h I've had 1 cup of coffee and maybe 2 glasses of coke zero. I fast with coke zero, what about you?


I saw a dietitian yesterday. Told me I'm having too many carbs for my single meal (apparently the amount per single meal matters more than total amount throughout the day) and I should introduce more healthy fats to my diet, which is currently pretty poor in fats.

These are age old habits of course... I'm just not a fan of fatty food, healthy or not, the taste never grew on me. Guess I'll have to adjust.

Another thing she said was about my snacks - after my meal, the rest of the eating window I just snack occasionally until I don't feel like it and\or my 4 hours are over. She said instead of grazing it's preferable nutritionally to collect all of these snacks (I'm talking things like yogurt\biscuits\granola\nuts) to be another "meal" 3 hours after my real meal.  Gonna try that.

It's a bit weird that she's about 1.5 my size. You'd expect someone who gives out nutritional advice to look healthy.

Right now I'm at the start of a longer fast (over 24h), I'm 3h in so not really feeling anything interesting. My fasts vary in length quite a bit this week since I got quite a few events that mess with my routine; I guess you should be prepared for that though, there will always be something.

I wonder how these variations affect my (not-existing) results; posted a discussion topic about that.

Going to the gym soon and then call it a day.

So I was seeing friends now during my eating window and I told one of them about IF. I consider her pretty open minded to these kind of things but her reaction was ... negative, to say the least. Says that for all she knows (she's got an Msc in biology, now doing a Phd) that's a sure way to stress the body and screw your metabolism and sounds wacky. 

I really tried to explain to her how much better fasting feels but I felt pretty discouraged by her reaction. It sucks feeling like I'm doing something wrong and that it better be kept a secret.

How do you handle other people?

Also, totally junk eating window. I broke the fast nicely at home with chicken breast and a piece of toast with peanut butter, but when out with my friends I had all the poster-children of bad eating - cheeseburger, cocktails, cheesecake. Great.

I am kind of down now.

This could have gone better.

So I just ate a real meal, last meal was 27:30 hours ago. did a 24 and then some yay. However I did accidentally drink a glass of juice around 23-24 hours into the fast... just mindlessly doing it. Weird how I'm so used to mindlessly eating.

In a couple of hours I'm meeting with friends which is why I stretched the usual 20 hours fast longer - to fit my eating window to our meeting. 

Basically the rest of the week my eating is dictated by social events - tomorrow as well as Wednesday I have lunches at work (so next fast will be a lot shorter than 20, no doubt - it's a late-dinner-to-lunch fast), Thursday I have another dinner with friends, Friday is a friend's birthday, Saturday I'm going to see my parents for traditional lunch...

Yeah it might look like I'm very social but it's just this week, honest.

The longer fast was nice. Didn't even feel like I needed food. Except in the last ~2 hours when I was already thinking about how I'm going to break it soon; it's all in your mind.

I weighed 69.6kg today. Higher than when I made my first log. I'll give this at least a week more to see where I'm heading, with period bloating and water weight and whatnot. But can't say I'm very encouraged.

I'm logging like crazy sorry about that.

Anyways I did fast for 18:30 hours, and then I ate lunch, and the cookies, and some more sugary carbs - in fact I managed to go over my calorie goals in just 2:30 hours. No regrets though, I mentally needed that sugar #period

Was a bit lethargic afternoon but that's to be expected, it went away quickly, got to the gym for a laid back fasted workout. I'm nearly 8 hours into my fast now and I plan to make it last over 24, tomorrow evening I'm going out with friends so my eating window will slightly shift and expand to include dinner, which it doesn't normally include.

Still finding how to make this a sustainable routine.

Well that's it today

So right now I'm about 16-16:30 hours into current fast, which I plan to continue to 18-19 hours.

However I'm at work and currently attending a long meeting where we were served cookies and sandwiches. The cookies looked good. I took some, to eat later. They still look good - I'm looking at them, they're looking at me, the cookies and I just sitting at the meeting. 2 hours to go staring at cookies.

I love cookies. This is a challenging lesson in self restraint. 

Hi, was at a friend's place today during my eating window. I didn't want to be the one suggesting lunch so we ended up with a rather late lunch and 23 hours of fast for me. 

I was surprised that I wasn't super hungry until that meal, seeing as I just started my period and usually I'm ravenous during my periods, ready to eat everything in the fridge. So that's good I guess.

I started the fast at 18:00 after a few dark chocolate squares, so now I'm about 2 and a half hours into the fast.

I think tomorrow I'll try to eat a bit more in my eating window. I have iron deficiency (I take iron supplements, part of why I'm not planning on extended fasting) and for obvious reasons it's worse during my period. So my aim is basically to try to not feel tired af.

I assume I'll eat tomorrow at 12:00 noon unless something weird happens, so that would be 18 hours of fast.

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