Missmagnolia's Fasting Logs

I'm new to fasting in general. My main goal is weight loss but also self control, mental clarity and clearer skin. I began playing around with it the last week of July and the fist week of august I did my first 3 day fast. I ended up feeling so good I went on for 5.6 days! Day 4 was amazing. I was so productive and clear. It fell on a weekend and my house got so clean. I was so proud of myself for making zucchini bread and not eating half the loaf. My kids were excited to have it too.

I went from 140 to 129 and gained back to 133. I made all the mistakes and went back to my old eating habits and went back up to 138. I wish I took more measurements for comparison.

Now I am IF. Listening mostly to my body not the clock. I am fluctuating between 129 and 133 for the past month. I am semi active I do hiit videos occasionally and run 3-4 days a week for maybe a total of 20 miles a week. I have a desk job.

I want to break this plateau. My goal is to have a weight of 125 but also look and feel healthier. I love candy. However I hate how I feel after eating it. I'm cranky, tired and irritable. I am never/rarely tempted by fried foods. When I fast I have more self control and as an emotional eater that's very important.

Tomorrow I want to start a five to seven day fast. I find the first day is the hardest for me so being home the first day will help. The candy dish at work is just too tempting the first day. I will take measurements and pictures in the morning.

As for exercise...I don't know. I am hoping I have the energy for some running and light weight lifting but no training runs.