Missmagnolia's Fasting Logs

I began my fast late. I always struggle most to fast during the PMs times. I last ate a normal day Tuesday 10/17 at 9pm. Maybe too much. I enjoyed popcorn with my husband.

At day 5: My energy levels and awareness are simply amazing. I feel so great this fast. I'm glad I delayed. Wednesday was tough but Thursday and Friday were both fantastic days at work.

Wednesday I ran and lifted last light weights. Thursday I walked on my break. Friday I was too busy. Saturday I went on an amazing cleaning spree and then went for an hour hike with my husband.

I am worried for today. My husband's aunt is in town and we are going to his parents house. His dad is an amazing cook and loves to bake and try new recipes. I'm going to go and politely tell them I'm not hungry. I'll be able to enjoy his cooking on Thanksgiving. :) I plan on going for a long walk alone and listening to podcasts beforehand.

I weight myself daily in the morning so I can use the weekly/monthy averages to show progress. I had plateaued around 131-130 before I began this fast.
Morning weights:

10/17: 130.2* not fasted
10/18: 133.3* not fasted
10/19: 129.5
10/20: 127.3
10/21: 125.9
10/22: 124.0

I feel so great I am going to see if I can extend this fast to 10 days. That way I can break on my day off (Saturday) instead of midweek. If I'm at work and I break it'll be easier to dip into the candy dish.
I am beginning a 1 week fast which will be my longest ever. I did not complete my last fast. I have been doing eod fasting for the past two weeks and now I want to kick it up a notch.

I could have started today with nothing but I had some food in the fridge to use up. I ate eggs with kale and half an orange. This fast began at 10am Sunday and I plan to fast until lunch time on Sunday.

I want to keep my solid routine I have for working out. Mon-Wed-Fri I usually run in the morning. I can replace that with a walk and in the evening I usually lift weights. Last week was a heavier week so I plan to lighten the weight and/or not lift at all. I just don't want to mess with my workout streak. Also, my 9 year old has been getting into it and looks forward to working out with me.

Morning weight 131.1lbs