Missmagnolia's Fasting Logs

Day 8 night I was so tired. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I was up until 11:30 which is only about and hour extra.
I had an okay morning I felt so tired again. I ended my fast at 2 pm. I was feeling tired and not great so I stopped. I broke with a bun less burger a bar next door and a side cole slaw. I may have had some dark chocolate from the candy dish at work too... :(

For dinner I had eggs, kale and goat cheese.

After dinner maybe around 9pm I got so dizzy I couldn’t stand. I wear a Fitbit. My heart rate went up to 107. I sat and watched a show with my husband. After the show I got dizzy brushing my teeth. I slept fine.

So far this morning I feel fine.

Morning weight: 116.4
Breakfast morning weight: 117.4
This is officially my longest fast. I’ve done two 5 day and one 7 day before. With many 1-2 in between as I wanted. I’ve been fasting since the beginning of August.

Work was insanely busy. I couldn’t eat if I wanted. I didn’t take a lunch break and I stayed late. Luckily I have a desk job.

I feel fine. My husband is making tacos for the kids and I don’t want any. I’m tired and I want to rest as much as possible tonight.

Morning weight: 117.4

Also my lowest weight. I’ve never dipped below 120.
Day 6 was fine. I wanted to break but it was probably boredom because work was slow. I went for a walk. I’ve dreamt of eggs. Eggs with goat cheese and tomato. Eggs with spinach an other veggies. I wrote my cravings down. I’ll revisit those when I break.

Day 7 perfect. Work was insanely busy I went for a walk to avoid it for a bit. The smell of the bar next door made me disgusted as did another Italian place that fries practically everything. People walking out were obese. More motivation. Very high energy and productive all day. No cravings. I made my family dinner, and blueberry muffins with coconut flour for breakfast. I love staying busy and cooking while I fast.

Weight day 6: 120
Weight day 7: 118.6
Today was super easy. The only issue was social. My coworker asked if I would get lunch with her since he car was in the shop. I told her she can order wherever and I’ll go get it but I wasn’t too hungry yet and I didn’t know what I wanted. She ended up ordering delivery. She had onion rings and what looked like a steak sandwich. I didn’t ask because I didn’t want her to ask what I ended up getting.

Other than that no issues. I felt so energized and fantastic all day. I had tons of energy to make my kids dinner after work too.

This morning’s weight was disappointing 1.1 loss. Weight was 121. I’m going to blame the miso soup but also recognize there are so many other benefits! Including saving money not ordering lunch. I have $30 burning a hole in my wallet right now. I don’t know what to buy for myself. :)
Today was easier. I was highly productive and energetic.

I love cooking while fasted. Yesterday I made my kids some granola peanut butter and raisin bites. They love them. And I made my husband a lemon bread with coconut flour he loves.

Today I made everyone some lentil soup, peanut free granola bars for lunch boxes, and an after school veggie salad for the kids.

I’m so glad I have them to feed while I fast. It keeps me occupied and I feel less restricted. I could eat if I wanted but I have self control. It feels great.

I’m glad I’m not tempted by food because today we went to dinner with my husband’s family. It was an Asian restaurant so I ordered miso soup and nursed that the whole time. One person offered me some of there food but it wasn’t a big spectacle and no one noticed.

If this were a short term fast I would consider that a break but one bowl of miso over 21days is not bad at all. I hope it doesn’t mess with tomorrow. Usually after the 3rd day I’m smooth sailing.

Day 3 Weight: 123.8
Day 4 Weight: 122.1
Today was okay. Major struggles around lunch but I powered through. I’ve done 7 before. I know I can handle this. Cravings went away. Now for the weekend I’m secure. Weekends are usually easier for me.

I am nervous for Sunday. We are having a family dinner at a Japanese place with my husband’s family. I haven’t decided if I’ll just state I’m not hungry or have a couple spoonfulls of Miso Soup. I worry if I pick that I’ll have to explain I’m not that hungry anyway. I feed a family 2 kids and a husband every night so being around food isn’t a challenge for me.

Morning weight 126.3
Today I begin a 21 day fast. I last ate yesterday at 9pm. I will end January 25 in the morning with a light probably liquid breakfast.
I want to reset my body for the new year, lose some extra weight, feel accomplished, feel in control of my binges and eating habits and clear out my body as much I can.

I last did a prolonged fast in October- 7 days. Since then I have don’t intermittent fasting as I feel necessary. Holidays obviously caused difficulties.

Height: 5’1”
Current Weight: 130.5 lb

I might takes some pictures later today.

Can anyone recommend some reading material for motivation? I’ve already read both Dr. Fung books, never binge again by Glenn Livingston, The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair.