Hi. I am new here. from okeydokey's log

I am Kelly. I am 29 years old as of this week.

I started fasting a little bit recently, back in August. First I did a few days of very low calorie - generally a drink from Starbucks (coffee with cream) and a few slices of American cheese, when I was still working at Domino's Pizza (very tough to fast there, let me tell you!). Then I managed to actually fast for a few days (but still drank Coke Zero). My longest has been 4 days. I loved the way I felt physically and the way I felt mentally by the 4th day. I probably only stopped because I got bored, and food is so entertaining.

Now I have almost completely lost myself again. This past week, or maybe even 2 weeks, I have been eating way too much again, to the point where I don't even recognize myself anymore. I haven't been so crazy with food in a long time, and I don't know how this has happened again.

I intend to do the 10 day fast with the group here, and then I am planning to do an extended fast with someone else starting mid-October.

I ate today, but have finished eating. I know tomorrow will be rough. Not necessarily at work, since I will be busy, but after work in particular. What does everyone else do with their time??

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By okeydokey
Added Sep 24 '17


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