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Called it! I think a bit of sodium + ensuring I had a decent fluid intake yesterday helped the whole 'this is going a bit fast' thing, although I have to admit it was fun while it lasted. Nevertheless, still well on track to make my fasting GW. Unless food dreams have calories, of course.

On the TMI front; I have had no movement whatsoever for the past 5 days? I had some wind (which was purely wind), but otherwise nothing. I'm also having what feel like mild cramps, which more or less matches my best guess at when I will catch the moon sickness, but no other indications of that so far. Just some oddities.

Today is gonna be a pretty chill day, just gonna be at home working, may try and get some housework in as well if I'm really feeling it. It kinda feels like this week is going so fast. 3.5 days in and I haven't even gotten those knitting needles yet to work on an old project, or pulled out my languishing crochet WIP. Videogames, work, and school. Not bad by any means, I just imagined I'd wanna do more fiber work this week. 

Aaaanyway. Fastwise, nothing really interesting going on, at this point it's feeling pretty stable, and how much can you really say about not eating? I'm hoping the stall doesn't last forever, but at the same time I don't want to bounce back 8 lbs from being totally dehydrated either, so I'll just deal with a plateau every now and then. 

Pyx Sep 28 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: pyx, pyxfast1
SW 152.4

CW 148.8

Have some mental anguish right now so decided to use my support tools and log in here and post how I'm feeling.  It's only mental though but I really want to break my fast, but I don't want to because I want the results.  I just am feeling the stress hormones, the lack of sleep ~5 hours the last two nights, and making my kids their food and afterschool snacks.  I really want to "treat" myself for not eating for 3 days.  I have been following the advice to stay busy.  On a positive note I have NOT been feeling the abundance of GI issues like on my last fast, I really credit that to removing all cream from my coffee and flavored sparkling waters switched to unflavored.  

I pulled buckthorn today, cut sticks to fit into the yard waste bin, and primed some of my windows around my house all while watching/playing with my 2 year old.  

I have drank regular and unflavored sparkling water today, black coffee, and had one bath.  I think I might have another bath with epsom salts to help.  I am afraid to admit but I had 3 epsom salt baths my first fasting day.  I am at home all day so I can do this sort of thing and it helps with that "chilled to the bone" feeling.  

I have a history of breaking around the 3-4 day mark so I am heading into tough territory for me.  To take from my runner friend's lingo I want to reach a new PR for my extended fast.  

I heard Megan Ramos has a new fasting podcast so on the 2 keto dudes podcast so I might download and listen to that to pass another hour.  

Here's to more time under my fasting belt!

FastingMama Sep 27 '17 · Comments: 1

Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 148.4 lbs

Total Lost: 5 lbs

So yeah, that was the water weight/food weight going bye-bye. I figure today and tomorrow I'll drop another 2-3 lbs going into ketosis, and then I'll start actually counting the weight loss as real fat loss once I am down to my previous fasted low-weight of 145 from last week. My September goal was to get to 140 by September 30th, and I'm not sure I'll get there, but I think I'll get pretty close.

Yesterday was a breeze. Day 1 is easy for me. Days 2-4 I am usually a bit hungry. I have learned to just shift my focus to "What can I drink?" instead of my typical "What can I eat?" I have a lot of different flavors of tea and bubbly waters at my office, so I just go to town on liquid, calorie-free flavors all day. Slept in a bit today, but I'll be going for a 1 mile run this evening, and doing body weight exercises (squats, jump squats, lunges, sit-ups, pushups). Feeling good about the next 8 days!

Last night, I had about 1/4 teaspoon of XCT oil when I took my multi-vitamin, because I realized that I may have been getting Vitamin K deficient from doing back-to-back extended fasts. I started bruising really easily, which is an early sign of K deficiency, since K is important for clotting. I always take a multi-vitamin when I fast, but I had (stupidly) forgotten that A, D, E, and K were probably not being absorbed much without any fat since they are fat soluble. So I had about 30 calories worth of fat with my vitamin, which might not be enough for max absorption, but should certainly make a big difference. I plan to repeat that each day that I fast. I don't think that 30 calories will have a negative impact on anything (autophagy, hunger, ketosis, weight loss, etc.). Curious if anyone else is taking a little oil with a multi-vitamin while fasting to increase absorption. If this was a stand-alone fast, I wouldn't bother, but I am basically always either in EF or IF mode, and plan to be until I finish losing weight.


My numbers at the start of day 4: 91, 124/77 (!!!), 5.4. Glucose numbers looking good but what's with that BP?!? Remnants of a bad dream? :P

Today was process group so the morning workout got sacrificed. Getting up at 3am for a border run is always fun. Still, good sesh today even though CSG was missing. I think that she's always had a big presence and when she's around the session tends to evolve around her contributions. Still, it did feel like something was missing. #PG

Sleep always gets messed up a bit on PG day. I can't doze in the cab, nor the bus, nor at the hospital so it's reading some shite on reddit or distracting myself with stupid Android games or staring out into space over some cold water. Hmm, actually I did get some shuteye in the waiting room so that helped. #zzz

I think that, for me, day 4 is sorta when it becomes real, the idea that I am actually, really, no kidding, on a fast. All kinds of coping mechanisms pop up. I drew out my islands of personality and populated the bits on fasting. Circles of support seem important, some folks to check in with to let them know I'm alive, some folks to brag about new achievements, some folks to chat about ideas on what's going on during fasting and stuff. #reality

On track for 14-15 bottles of water today. That might be close to my limit. It's enough to make me feel good the next day but there doesn't seem to be enough of me to process more water. #water #TMI

I'm ambivalent about Wonderful Wonderful.

Sophie Sep 25 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: fast2
I'm new to fasting in general. My main goal is weight loss but also self control, mental clarity and clearer skin. I began playing around with it the last week of July and the fist week of august I did my first 3 day fast. I ended up feeling so good I went on for 5.6 days! Day 4 was amazing. I was so productive and clear. It fell on a weekend and my house got so clean. I was so proud of myself for making zucchini bread and not eating half the loaf. My kids were excited to have it too.

I went from 140 to 129 and gained back to 133. I made all the mistakes and went back to my old eating habits and went back up to 138. I wish I took more measurements for comparison.

Now I am IF. Listening mostly to my body not the clock. I am fluctuating between 129 and 133 for the past month. I am semi active I do hiit videos occasionally and run 3-4 days a week for maybe a total of 20 miles a week. I have a desk job.

I want to break this plateau. My goal is to have a weight of 125 but also look and feel healthier. I love candy. However I hate how I feel after eating it. I'm cranky, tired and irritable. I am never/rarely tempted by fried foods. When I fast I have more self control and as an emotional eater that's very important.

Tomorrow I want to start a five to seven day fast. I find the first day is the hardest for me so being home the first day will help. The candy dish at work is just too tempting the first day. I will take measurements and pictures in the morning.

As for exercise...I don't know. I am hoping I have the energy for some running and light weight lifting but no training runs.
Missmagnolia Sep 23 '17 · Comments: 1
Since I started IF the process of fasting went smoothly. Hunger doesn't bother me, and my fasting length increased. I loved the fact that I only ate once a day, and that I don't need to think about food so much. Right now I go 23 hours fast and 1-hour feed (more like once I'm done eating my only meal).

However, right now I'm struggling with IF right now. Primarily due to the fact that I sprained my ankle. The dilemma is that I'm in pain and I can only take painkillers with food. I haven't taken any medication yet because I have been able to live with the pain.

Right now it's 2 A.M. and I can't sleep because of my ankle. Luckily, I don't work tomorrow. 

I may consider medication when I do eat in a few hours.

Right now I'm on hour 12 of 23.

Arekay Sep 23 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
I been spending the last couple days getting really tired and lightheaded but now I recently bought Vitaman water to help me out Im hoping that doesnt really mess up anything if it does let me know before I randomly binge out runing this fasting!


milktea Sep 9 '17 · Comments: 1
Yesterday's eating window was a friend's birthday. Worst pigout ever. Had so much junk. Felt bad later. Nothing more to say that's it don't even respond 
PopFnordette Sep 9 '17 · Comments: 1
I was completly tired all day and currently im laying in bed, my cravings been really low becsuse honestly im afraid to eat again because I binge like crazy! i was planning to do 21 days but whenever I reach 119lb ill be done and fast only on weekends! 


milktea Sep 8 '17 · Comments: 1
I woke up having this horrible  panic attack and anxious to sleep and my legs are pounding yikes, im starting to calm down alittle maybe a update later today. i just feel as if im doing this fast wrong!
milktea Sep 7 '17 · Comments: 1
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