Fasting Logs


About my fast:

Going for water only. Supplementing sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D and caffeine. 
Planning on sticking to my exercise routine.

Starting stats and measurements:

sex: female
height: 5.5ft/168cm
weight: 176lbs/80kg
blood pressure: 127/84
heart rate: 82
fasting blood glucose: ?; update tomorrow morning.

neck: ?; update tomorrow morning.
?; update tomorrow morning.
?; update tomorrow morning.

Going to take some "before" pics and start at midnight :).

Antaste Aug 31 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: fast, water fast, extended fasting, prolonged fasting, long fast
New to IF and started on 8/22. First day, did 14:10, then 16:8, and now trying to stick to fasting for at least 17-18 hours. I need maximum results!

My female starting stats:

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 128lbs

Waist: 25.5-26.5" (from morning to night)

I'm really hoping to lose 8-10 lbs by the wedding. I want to fit my dress comfortably and I need to be at a solid 25" waist size to do so. 24" would be even better! I'm sticking to my exercise routine of burning at least 250-400 cals a day for 5 days a week (hot yoga, treadmill/stairmaster, light weights). I'm getting nervous that I won't make it :/ I was also calorie counting and trying to stay below 1400 cals (with goal 1100) a day. But now I'm thinking that I should stop driving myself crazy by counting since it's hard to fill up on 600+ calories per meal anyway.


After my first week of IF (I haven't broke one day of it!), I've noticed my face has slimmed down and I'm no longer bloated in the mornings. I'm coming off of a keto (going to Italy for honeymoon so I need to work carbs back in) so carbs have been bloating me up as of late. Now I'm thinking I need to stay low carb and just accept the major bloat I'll get when I consume carbs in Italy. So that's why my waist balloons a full inch by the evening and I don't want that.

One thing I am loving about IF, despite my thoughts that I need to stay low carb, is that it's no longer "I can't have that," which was really hard to stick to, and it's now "I can't have that NOW but I can have that later." So now the desire for the forbidden is no longer there. All I need to do is WAIT, which is much easier than completely cutting myself off of the foods I love. And it ends up that when it comes time to eat, I don't even want it anymore.

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Starting tonight at 12 midnight.

Day 1:

Going to sleep and then work. Wish me luck :)


So far so good. Had a few food craving but nothing too crazy. I keep thinking about this berry bowl place next to my job and how nice it would be to eat an acai berry bowl. Lol.

Ah well. Onward we go :)
adminfs Aug 31 '17 · Comments: 2
This is officially my longest fast. I’ve done two 5 day and one 7 day before. With many 1-2 in between as I wanted. I’ve been fasting since the beginning of August.

Work was insanely busy. I couldn’t eat if I wanted. I didn’t take a lunch break and I stayed late. Luckily I have a desk job.

I feel fine. My husband is making tacos for the kids and I don’t want any. I’m tired and I want to rest as much as possible tonight.

Morning weight: 117.4

Also my lowest weight. I’ve never dipped below 120.
Missmagnolia Jan 11 '18 · Comments: 1
Today I begin a 21 day fast. I last ate yesterday at 9pm. I will end January 25 in the morning with a light probably liquid breakfast.
I want to reset my body for the new year, lose some extra weight, feel accomplished, feel in control of my binges and eating habits and clear out my body as much I can.

I last did a prolonged fast in October- 7 days. Since then I have don’t intermittent fasting as I feel necessary. Holidays obviously caused difficulties.

Height: 5’1”
Current Weight: 130.5 lb

I might takes some pictures later today.

Can anyone recommend some reading material for motivation? I’ve already read both Dr. Fung books, never binge again by Glenn Livingston, The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair.
Missmagnolia Jan 4 '18 · Comments: 1
I am beginning a 1 week fast which will be my longest ever. I did not complete my last fast. I have been doing eod fasting for the past two weeks and now I want to kick it up a notch.

I could have started today with nothing but I had some food in the fridge to use up. I ate eggs with kale and half an orange. This fast began at 10am Sunday and I plan to fast until lunch time on Sunday.

I want to keep my solid routine I have for working out. Mon-Wed-Fri I usually run in the morning. I can replace that with a walk and in the evening I usually lift weights. Last week was a heavier week so I plan to lighten the weight and/or not lift at all. I just don't want to mess with my workout streak. Also, my 9 year old has been getting into it and looks forward to working out with me.

Morning weight 131.1lbs
Missmagnolia Oct 15 '17 · Comments: 1

Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 137 lbs

Total Lost: 16.4 lbs

Well, only down .2 lbs since yesterday, and that's what not drinking enough while increasing your salt intake looks like, folks. Lesson learned, but also, mathematically, I must have lost more than .2 lbs of fat yesterday, so let's call it water retention. Yesterday I felt very blah. Not bad, but not good. I went to the gym and did just about the laziest workout possible. Did some weights, and cycled on a stationary bike for about 12 minutes. I slept well, though, but felt not great for the first three hours of the day today. It's like the waking up process takes about 6 times as long for the past few days. I felt rather weak and lightheaded during/after showering, but I take super hot showers, so that didn't help.

I am feeling fine right now, and my friend at work saw me this morning (he only comes into my office once a week) and practically shouted "You look SUPER SKINNY!" and then he looked around embarrassed and asked, "Is that an okay thing to say?!" I said it was fine by me, of course. Nobody would have called me skinny until very recently.

I am breaking my fast tomorrow, probably at lunchtime with a tiny bit of pumpkin tofu Thai curry, but depending on how I feel when I wake up, I might have something really small, like a few almonds, in the morning. I know that I'm going to need to be super close to a toilet at all times the minute I put something into my mouth (just based on past personal experiences), so I think waiting until I've at least gotten SOME work done to break my fast is a good idea, because I'm not sure how productive my afternoon is going to be. I am giving myself a 500 calorie limit tomorrow, and 1000 max on Friday, but it will probably be more like 700-800. I have a lunch date with a friend on Friday, but I've already picked out what I'm eating, and I'm going to eat about a quarter of it and save the rest.

I can't believe it's Day 10. I didn't think I'd make it, at points. I guess my fast will be more like 10.75 days if I don't eat until tomorrow around noon, so that's cool. Yesterday I realized that I can see the bottom tip of my sternum, which is super weird. I'm all ribs and spine. The top half of my stomach is just hollow, like actually concave (when I'm sucking it in). My arms, thighs, butt, and below-belly-button-stomach all have a lot of fat still, and my fast seems to have stopped looking weight for the time being, so I hope as I continue to lose weight, those areas that are holding for dear life onto their fat will get in line and give it up. I really do look skinny, though (except my butt, which will maybe never look skinny, and I'm totally fine with that). I'm wearing a cute lace-trimmed hoodie today that I bought forever ago (I think on clearance or something) that I've never been able to wear before. It really shows off my weight loss, and along with my skinny jeans, I am loving the way that I look and all these clothes that I wear that have been haunting me for years from the back of my closet.

I'll post my final fasted weight tomorrow and let you guys know my total. It's silly, but I'm hoping that I get to at least 17 lbs lost total for this fast, because 17 is my special number. I'll also keep posting logs for a few days about my refeeding experience.

kaleidoscopeiiis Oct 4 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: 10 day fast, day 10, refeeding, weight loss

f23 5'4

SW: 215
CW: 213
End Fast GW: 199

Length: 21 days.

Goal: Weight loss, pain / inflammation reduction

Yesterday I intended to be my first day, but I broke it at 22 hours and ended up doing a ketogenic OMAD meal: three eggs, kale, spinach, bell pepper, sour cream. But then I broke keto and had three spoonfuls of PB. No regrets LOL it was delicious. So today is another start and I'm optimistic. I am 20 hours in. 

I've noticed my weight is fluctuating lower and lower throughout the day. I suppose it is the water weight mostly. I'm getting a membership at the gym today, which I had been going to regularly but stopped during the spring-summer. Last year I focused on strength training, this year will be cardio.

I think I'll be able to get through this day and onto the next! I'm betting on reciting the psychology of hunger and learning to find peace in emptiness to get me through to my goal :) I really wanna get to 199 from this fast!

soldier76 Oct 3 '17 · Comments: 1 · Tags: weight loss, 2017

Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 138 lbs

Total Lost: 15.4 lbs

Down another pound, about what I expected for today.

So, yesterday was awful. On top of the bad night's sleep Saturday night, I had a horrendous headache all afternoon on Sunday, and couldn't do anything except attempt to nap (mostly failed) and sit on the couch with a blanket and a one of the bean bags you microwave to warm up and put on your head (which helped some). I was genuinely miserable. I did make it out of the house for church and Sunday afternoon tea, but by the time we got home around 1:30, I didn't feel like I could do anything at all. I have no idea what happened, but I'm guessing it was either low electrolytes, the side effects of some detoxification, caffeine withdrawal (I thought I had enough, but maybe not), or else just a bad headache from being so hungry, and I was hungry all day.

I took a double dose of melatonin before bed, and slept reasonably well, thank goodness. I woke up feeling not as bad, but still not great. The headache is still there, but it's like a 2 out of 10 instead of a 7, so that's an improvement at least. Today I am going to increase my potassium, sodium, and magnesium intake, and hope that helps. I came extremely close to breaking my fast last night. I was literally laying on the floor of our apartment in pain, casting around desperately for what to do, and I just kept thinking that if I ate, the problem would be solved (maybe true, maybe not), but I saw a post on here or on r/fasting that said that if you are thinking about breaking your fast and it's almost bedtime, just sleep on it and see how you feel. I am so glad I read that, and I took that advice. I am not sure I'll make the full ten days, but I am feeling relatively confident that I can finish out today, and that is what matters for the moment.

I'm not looking forward to eating so much as I am looking forward to having my normal energy. I am jealous of the people who seem to get a lot of energy from fasting. I don't. I kind of feel like a weak Victorian woman who never exerts herself and is bound to die in childbirth at some point. With the bad headache, I've even lost the mental alertness I was feeling. Hopefully this gets better throughout today, because a girl's got stuff to do, and I don't like feeling physically and mentally incapable.

That said, I am so pleased with the weight loss progress, and still think this is worth it. I have planned out my first two days of refeeding, which will involve very small servings of vegetable and tofu curries with coconut milk (unless certain plans change). I am going to try to stay in ketosis, but I'm not particularly good at enforcing that. I want to re-feed Thursday-Sunday, and then start another fast, probably 5 days or so, next week. If I can stay below 140 even with re-feeding, I'll be happy.


Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 143.2 lbs

Total Lost: 10.2 lbs

Woohoo!!! Down ten pounds! 1.8 lbs since yesterday. Granted, five of that was all the food I ate last weekend, but still!! The gym parking lot was so packed last night that I gave up and went home and went for a 1 mile run with my husband instead. 9:38, which is a good time for me! Took a BCAA pill afterwards otherwise I get sore for days and my legs take forever to recover. I was so slow on the first half, which is uphill, but we flew through the second half. I actually kind of miss running more than 1 mile, but I feel like 1 mile is a good distance when fasting. Long walks are nice, too. I've been sleeping better than expected. Maybe your body eventually gets used to longer fasts and starts sleeping better? Not sure, but I hope that is the case. Long day at work coming up today, but going to have a chill weekend.

Today's challenge is going to be that I am going to a political MeetUp tonight, and there is specifically going to be vegan food (I guess the organizer is also vegan) and it kills me to not eat vegan food at events because it's so rare that it's available (other than stuff like chips/salsa). Anyway, I will have my excuse prepared and whip it out as necessary to explain why I am not eating and drinking. I am kind of bummed, to be honest, though, because I've been looking forward to this meeting half just for the food! And since this will be a new group of people (who I am excited to form some friendships with), I feel like not participating in the eating/drinking will make me weird/stand out, but oh well. What can you do. My goals are more important.

Happy Day 5 to everyone who is still participating! I absolutely love having this site to come to each day. Super grateful for everyone's positivity and the community we are building here.

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