Fasting Logs

Almost caved once or twice. First few days are the hardest, I know. I kept busy. Out the door at 6:30am and just got home at 10pm. Glad I'm not doing this alone.
okeydokey Sep 26 '17 · Comments: 2
Day 1

Weight: 153.4 lbs

Good morning! Today is Day 1 of my 10 Day Fast (which is also going on as a Group Fast, so join us if you want to). I somehow gained back all of the weight from my 4-day fast last week, plus 1 lb, just from 3 days of normal eating. I was at 149.2 yesterday, so just from yesterday to today, I somehow gained 4 lbs on the scale. My stats from last week were:

Starting Weight (Sep. 19): 152.4 lbs

Ending Weight (Sep. 22): 145.6

I did have a lot of carbs and some alcohol Saturday and Sunday, so maybe that explains the re-gain, but still it always sucks when the number on the scale goes in the wrong direction. I already hit the gym this morning, and did 10 minutes of moderate intensity on the elliptical, and did some light weight lifting (legs day). I am going to do resistance training on most days during this fast to maintain muscle mass. I will also be taking the following supplements:

- multi vitamin

- magnesium

- potassium

- veggie broth (for sodium)

- biotin (not in my multi, and don't want to lose hair...)

Glycine (an animo acid, needed for collagen production--trying to promote skin elasticity)

- BCAAs after lifting weights for muscle repair

So yeah, that's a lot, but in my experience, this is what keeps me feeling good on an EF. I am also going to be trying to drink 100 ounces of liquid per day. Feeling happy to be fasting again, especially since this weekend was fun and I ate good food, but I feel like the more I lose weight, the more easily and more quickly I put it back on.

kaleidoscopeiiis Sep 25 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: 10 day fast, ef, extended fast, experienced, group fast, supplements, weight loss
I'm numbering fasting logs, alright? Not fast days. I don't do extended fasting.

I'm into the 25th hour of my current fast, which will last until a social dinner this evening (so 3-4 more hours). Feels weird; kind of like I could continue this for another 24h, and also like I could eat everything in my pantry. 

Speaking of, I have a lot of unused food now. Need to get that going with some meal-prepping for my eating window. Ugh this could have been much easier without social meals and events but I don't wanna give up on them so I'm making them my daily meals.

Anyways these last 24h I've had 1 cup of coffee and maybe 2 glasses of coke zero. I fast with coke zero, what about you?

PopFnordette Sep 7 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: if, other people, social events, coke zero

I have been awake since 3:30am this morning.  WHY!?  I always have trouble sleeping when fasting plus some anxiety from rehashing some family issues as well.  Had a melatonin which I did not want to do as I am trying not to take any vitamins, supplements, natural hormones during this fast to really give my liver a break.  Didn't work anyhow.

Some stomach upset this afternoon.  Still excused myself when my family had dinner, and then dessert later this evening.  Trying to scroll fast through food pics on instagram.  

Consumed sparkling and spring water, coffee with splash hwc

Didn't check any measurements today.  

FastingMama Sep 6 '17 · Comments: 2
Is it possibly normal for your body to have these random itches all over while fasting? I randomly get anxious but im still pulling through! I have the empty feeling for food now, im debating fasting for 21 days



milktea Sep 6 '17 · Comments: 2
So I was seeing friends now during my eating window and I told one of them about IF. I consider her pretty open minded to these kind of things but her reaction was ... negative, to say the least. Says that for all she knows (she's got an Msc in biology, now doing a Phd) that's a sure way to stress the body and screw your metabolism and sounds wacky. 

I really tried to explain to her how much better fasting feels but I felt pretty discouraged by her reaction. It sucks feeling like I'm doing something wrong and that it better be kept a secret.

How do you handle other people?

Also, totally junk eating window. I broke the fast nicely at home with chicken breast and a piece of toast with peanut butter, but when out with my friends I had all the poster-children of bad eating - cheeseburger, cocktails, cheesecake. Great.

I am kind of down now.

This could have gone better.

PopFnordette Sep 4 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: if, other people, responses, social events
Honestly, I woke up pretty late in the afternoon, I Still feel no need for food but I am shaking alittle, could I still take some b-12 while im fasting? also what keeps me going fasting is watching asmr mukbangs or people eating for me!
milktea Sep 4 '17 · Comments: 2
So I just ate a real meal, last meal was 27:30 hours ago. did a 24 and then some yay. However I did accidentally drink a glass of juice around 23-24 hours into the fast... just mindlessly doing it. Weird how I'm so used to mindlessly eating.

In a couple of hours I'm meeting with friends which is why I stretched the usual 20 hours fast longer - to fit my eating window to our meeting. 

Basically the rest of the week my eating is dictated by social events - tomorrow as well as Wednesday I have lunches at work (so next fast will be a lot shorter than 20, no doubt - it's a late-dinner-to-lunch fast), Thursday I have another dinner with friends, Friday is a friend's birthday, Saturday I'm going to see my parents for traditional lunch...

Yeah it might look like I'm very social but it's just this week, honest.

The longer fast was nice. Didn't even feel like I needed food. Except in the last ~2 hours when I was already thinking about how I'm going to break it soon; it's all in your mind.

I weighed 69.6kg today. Higher than when I made my first log. I'll give this at least a week more to see where I'm heading, with period bloating and water weight and whatnot. But can't say I'm very encouraged.

PopFnordette Sep 4 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: if, 24h, day fast, juice
So after a few bumps and burps on the road, alongside a first period in 6 months, I finally started my fast. Took a bunch of magnesium to do a flush and I'm waiting for the effects to start as I type this. Stats and measurements will be tomorrow. For now, I started this at about 18:00, and I've got an entire day planned out of the house tomorrow so I won't be anywhere near food at my usual breaking point, which is sometimes around 15:00.

Mostly, I'm just tired right now, with 0 energy. I'm suspecting part of this is a depression flare, which will probably remain present until I find a new job.

Don't like counting hours, but half a day doesn't really feel fast-ish to me, so I tagged today as day 0.

Good luck to me.
Nessaroze Sep 3 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: fast, water fast, water fasting, fasting, day 0
I'm just recently getting into doing intermittent fasting (16:8). I originally started doing it only for weight loss but I can honestly say that the reason I'm continuing is because it helps me so much with my mood and sleep. It's crazy how clear-minded I feel compared to snacking all day like I used to.

My preferred eating window is 8:00am-4pm (although I honestly sometimes condense it even more by having my last meal at about 2pm). I'm a big breakfast person but I really don't mind not eating at the end of the day.

My goal is to lose about 20 pounds through both IF and Keto and to also tone up quite a bit with weight training. I WILL be 15% body fat! I'm honestly not putting a time stamp on my goals because sometimes that messes with my mind but I'm just going to do it at a pace I feel like I can maintain :)

My brother is coming home from the Air Force today and will be here until Sunday so my family will be eating dinner together the next couple days so I am going to try to fast until about 11am each day so I can eat dinner with my family at about 7:00pm and then I can go back to my usual 8:00 am breakfasts on Monday!

I'm really excited for this community! I often feel quite lonely in my goals and how I'm achieving them because not many people understand. So I'm really happy to feel like I have some support and also that I get to support others too!
sunsetketo Sep 1 '17 · Comments: 2
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