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Background - About me

I'm 28 female, 1.73 (5'8), weight of the day was 69.3 but it was unusually low compared to the rest of the week so I'm suspicious. 

I started IF a week ago after 2 weeks of stress-binging horribly. I want to develop a healthier relationship with food and also lose weight. I feel better on IF but also nervous, like I might mess up any second now.

I'm not following a specific diet (keto\paleo\vegan, like many here). I do count calories.

I'm concerned about letting other people around me know about IF. Knowing my family and friends, they'll instantly assume I'm developing an eating disorder.

Background - About the fasts

Can I just say how weird it feels to detail my new attempted eating habit online? Like, who's gonna read this? Who cares? I'll get to it anyways.My method is a somewhat flexible 20:4 - my eating hours might change a bit depending on the day's schedule, but they're usually around noon. Rule of thumb when unexpected events happen is to always try to keep eating hours below 6 hours and fasting hours over 18 hours. So far this week all my eating windows were below 4 hours and my fasts were 19 hours and up.As I ease into fasting more, I plan to mix in some longer fasts - 24-48 hours perhaps. At no stage am I (currently) planning to do extended fasting.During my fasts I drink water, and once or twice during the fast I'll have tea or coffee (unsweetened of course...) or coke zero. I need the caffeine. 

Actual fasting log of the day

This whole background thing is just because this is the first log entry ok? Like, usually I guess I'll only be posting this. The day's work and such.Today I finished a 22 hours fast, had a 4 hours eating windows that ended just now (17:00 where I live), so now I'm starting the new fast until, at least, noon tomorrow; I'm saying "at least" because I don't know when I'll actually eat tomorrow since I'll be at a friends place, we'll wait and see. Social events usually throw me off schedule and I have 3 of these this week. I'll update tomorrow how I ended this current fast.
Cheers everyone and good luck.

PopFnordette Sep 1 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: if, introduction, 20:4, noob
Another emotional day yesterday. I really wish that bit would already pass, since it's keeping me from being productive as I need to be.

Yesterday was hard too. I wasn't hungry, but I kept wanting to vomit because of the dead kittens breath. I don't understand why it gets so bad. I also STILL have bowel movements, so I'm currently probably sitting with the last mug of coffee I'll have during this fast. I just needed something to get rid of the breath that even brushing my teeth didn't work.

I'll probably swap for hot water with lemon/ginger. A few pieces of that, that I don't eat, end up going a long way.

My mom yesterday asked me to break my fast a few days ahead of the Rosh Ha Shana dinner because it would break her heart to see me just sitting there not eating. I told her I'd think about it. It's still two and a half weeks away. I figure, if I break my fast before then, it won't be a problem, but if I'll still be fasting, I wouldn't want to break it over something like that. Maybe I could ask or make vegetable soup and just drink the broth of it like soup so it looks like I'm actively participating or something.

My dad noted that the weight loss is already visible on me. I'm not sure why, because 3-4kg is really nothing to write home about when you have about 70kg to lose, and while the waist measurements are indeed impressive, it's not even the tip of the iceberg in terms of what needs to go.

Anyway, enough rambling for now.

Weight - 135.6kg (-0.7 from yesterday)
Glucose - 101
BP - 131/79
HB - 90

Chest - 121 cm (-1)
Waist - 110 (-1)
Hips - 134 (-1)

Nessaroze Sep 8 '17 · Comments: 5 · Tags: nessa fasts, day 5


Day 10! I met my stretch goal, although I'm sure refeeding will bump the scale up a couple of pounds at least. I will be keeping it fairly keto at least at first, just to ease in without stuffing my body with sugars. 

Considering I'd only really planned to fast from the 25th thru the 27th, I'm really pleased to have made it to day 10. It wasn't, y'know, fun, by any means, and the timing could have been better, but here I am. 

And I did, finally, get those double-points I'd been meaning to.

Pyx Oct 4 '17 · Comments: 4

Prior Fast 18.5 Days, 7 Day.

Water only, Daily vito ever 2/3 days, a bit of salt daily, Trace Minerals Research drops in morning water bottle.

Current Fast. 

D1 204

D2  201.8

D3 197.7

D4 195.9

cougarcar Sep 7 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4
Deleted my previous post by accident >.>

So today is day 1 of my mostly water fast. Today's unlimited coffee day, and on day 2 it becomes water-only. I'm pro-enema while water fasting, and I'll be using these too as per need.

My aim is to go a minimum of 7 days, but ideally I'd like to hit that 40-60 day mark. Not going to stress is though, aiming for 7 days and then taking it on a day per day basis.

Goals: letting my body reset in the hopes it deals better with PCOS symptoms, weight loss, blood glucose and pressure need to go down into normal range. Hopefully, by the end of the fast I'll be able to drop the bp meds I'm on.

Things I'm taking: birth control pill, blood pressure meds, vitamin D. I'll be dropping the iron during the fast since it requires food for digestion.

Starting stats:
Weight - 147kg
Fasting glucose - 122
Blood pressure (I'm on meds) - 140/92
Heart rate - 90

I'll add measurements tomorrow.
Nessaroze Aug 31 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: nessa fast, day 1, fasting, water fasting, water fast, fast
Oh boy, my skin gets so clear when fasting.
Waterdoll May 3 '18 · Comments: 3
I'm seeing posts from November. Come back, people :)
Nessaroze Dec 24 '17 · Comments: 3
Well. I am feeling like shit. But then again, today is day 4, which means tomorrow is the last potential bad day, and then we're sailing. I'm high strung, emotionally. I was reading a book yesterday and kept crying for no reason during the exposition. Realizing it was not a good day to deal with other people, I mostly kept to myself, in my room. I was hoping today would be better, and while emotionally it is, physically I feel like crap.

I still have bowel movements. They reek. I know I need to drop my coffee but right now it's all that's keeping me feeling human. So... Tomorrow will be no coffee?

I mostly just wanna crawl back under the covers and hide until tomorrow.

Weight - 144.1 (-0.4kg from yesterday)
Glucose - 104
BP - 129/81
HB - 87

Three spots entirely unchanged from yesterday.
Nessaroze Sep 7 '17 · Comments: 3 · Tags: nessa fasts, day 4
How timely to find and join this fasting site just as I was looking for accountability/community for my extended fast tomorrow when the kids go back to school.

All summer my EFs have turned into daily IFs because I will make one of my kids a snack/lunch, etc and then decide to join them with a cheese stick or hard salami.  Then I get so annoyed with myself and just eat the rest of the day.  

It is SO hard for me to cook for my large family every day and smell the cooking food and then not eat it.  I am coming into this EF a little frustrated with myself that I have actually gained weight this summer even with no breakfast/lunch and IF'ing usually around 16:8 days.  Some 72 hour fasts, many 40 hour fasts.

So 9/5/2017 I will embark on my longest EF to date.  No end date scheduled yet.  I want to experience autophagy, this supposed euphoria, freedom from eating, etc.  I want my body to heal from my Hashimoto's and lose some BF in the process.    

FastingMama Sep 4 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
Threw up in the morning some bile. Like a cup of bile. Had to break fast. So did with some cantaloupe and a few marcone almonds. Feeling good, maybe just keep going? Officially 4 lbs down.
Waterdoll Apr 30 '18 · Comments: 2
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