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Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 141.2 lbs

Total Lost: 12.2 lbs

2 lbs down since yesterday! Wasn't expecting that! Did not get to my goal of below 140 by end of this month, but so very close, and I will be there in 1-2 days, so I am happy. My tummy is grumbly today, and I am getting lightheaded when I stand up for the first time this fast, so I need to bump up my electrolytes, I suspect. Otherwise feeling good. I lifted weights last night, all upper body, and did the elliptical for 10 minutes and then walked on the treadmill a bit. My legs feel rather tired and heavy. I will probably go for a slow 1-mile jog tonight. This feels much better than the 7 day fast I did a few months ago. I am even sleeping better, approximately normal, although I do have to get up at least once every night to pee, which is annoying, but I just try to stay half asleep. Feeling quite dehydrated today, but I have a hard time drinking as much on the weekends, just because I don't have the office fridge full of La Croix and unsweetened teas and things like that. I am feeling confident about finishing out the 10 days!



Whaa? Oke-doke I guess. That doesn't seem right, and I'm prepping to see it a little higher tomorrow. I imagine it's just from not drinking as much due to a little nausea. Oh, as for the nausea, I had some broth and took an antacid a little while later, it more or less calmed down. By the time I woke up this morning (had a pretty good sleep, too) I was feeling pretty good. Then got smashed by a sinus headache around 2, but an excedrin cleared that up in ~30-45 minutes while I had a lie down. 

Getting some tummy grumbles still, but overall not too bad; the guys are over for their DnD sesh and they often bring in their own food, so the smells are pretty yummy and probably causing the growls. Feeling good to be in the final stretch here, more than halfway through day 6. A few more days and I'll have to start thinking about what I'm gonna break on, heh.

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Yes still, pah. Well, anyway, I was severely tempted tonight; that's why I waited until the end of the day to make this post. Every week I go over to family's and often that involves food (go figure). Happy to say I got through the whole night without a bite.  Tonight we watched a movie; there was lasagna and garlic bread available, and I cut a slice for my husband. Watching a movie rather than having a proper meal together made it much easier to avoid weird questions (no one knows I'm fasting, not even my SO), but the lasagna smelled very, very good. 

I have felt pretty lousy most of today; low nausea, suuuper sleepy (6 hours of sleep and a 2 hour nap around 2pm, still sleepy now!), headache. I'm about to take a pain med for the headache, just hoping it doesn't make the nausea any worse.

At about 6-7 I broke that 120 hour mark since my last meal, so that's fun. 2 hours until it's the end of calendar day 5 officially (at least in my timezone). Onward to day 6, over halfway through!

Pyx Sep 29 '17

Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 143.2 lbs

Total Lost: 10.2 lbs

Woohoo!!! Down ten pounds! 1.8 lbs since yesterday. Granted, five of that was all the food I ate last weekend, but still!! The gym parking lot was so packed last night that I gave up and went home and went for a 1 mile run with my husband instead. 9:38, which is a good time for me! Took a BCAA pill afterwards otherwise I get sore for days and my legs take forever to recover. I was so slow on the first half, which is uphill, but we flew through the second half. I actually kind of miss running more than 1 mile, but I feel like 1 mile is a good distance when fasting. Long walks are nice, too. I've been sleeping better than expected. Maybe your body eventually gets used to longer fasts and starts sleeping better? Not sure, but I hope that is the case. Long day at work coming up today, but going to have a chill weekend.

Today's challenge is going to be that I am going to a political MeetUp tonight, and there is specifically going to be vegan food (I guess the organizer is also vegan) and it kills me to not eat vegan food at events because it's so rare that it's available (other than stuff like chips/salsa). Anyway, I will have my excuse prepared and whip it out as necessary to explain why I am not eating and drinking. I am kind of bummed, to be honest, though, because I've been looking forward to this meeting half just for the food! And since this will be a new group of people (who I am excited to form some friendships with), I feel like not participating in the eating/drinking will make me weird/stand out, but oh well. What can you do. My goals are more important.

Happy Day 5 to everyone who is still participating! I absolutely love having this site to come to each day. Super grateful for everyone's positivity and the community we are building here.

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Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 145 lbs

Total Lost: 8.4 lbs

Down 1.2 lbs since yesterday. Felt too weak to run or workout when I got home from work, maybe from the hard run on D2. My legs just felt heavy, and my body didn't want to move fast. Instead I did some stretching and drank ginger tea, and watched Dr. Who, played Magic, and enjoyed some time with my husband.

Just a quick post today. Somewhat hungry (normal for me on D4), but dealing with it, and cold of course. Slept better than I expected, but we vaped some MJ before bedtime, so perhaps that helped. Going to do some light weightlifting tonight. Wishing I was a little further along towards my goal of 140 by EOM, but regards, I am feeling so close to my goal weight, and I know that just a few more weeks of EFs with some re-feeding days mixed in will get me there! Today one of my coworkers said "You are SO SKINNY" and that made me feel awesome. She is trying to lose weight and I told her I've been doing IF (didn't talk about long fasts). She was intrigued, and said she had heard that IF is healthy. It's always nice when the actual good diet ideas (like "sometimes, don't eat for a while") pick up steam.



Called it! I think a bit of sodium + ensuring I had a decent fluid intake yesterday helped the whole 'this is going a bit fast' thing, although I have to admit it was fun while it lasted. Nevertheless, still well on track to make my fasting GW. Unless food dreams have calories, of course.

On the TMI front; I have had no movement whatsoever for the past 5 days? I had some wind (which was purely wind), but otherwise nothing. I'm also having what feel like mild cramps, which more or less matches my best guess at when I will catch the moon sickness, but no other indications of that so far. Just some oddities.

Today is gonna be a pretty chill day, just gonna be at home working, may try and get some housework in as well if I'm really feeling it. It kinda feels like this week is going so fast. 3.5 days in and I haven't even gotten those knitting needles yet to work on an old project, or pulled out my languishing crochet WIP. Videogames, work, and school. Not bad by any means, I just imagined I'd wanna do more fiber work this week. 

Aaaanyway. Fastwise, nothing really interesting going on, at this point it's feeling pretty stable, and how much can you really say about not eating? I'm hoping the stall doesn't last forever, but at the same time I don't want to bounce back 8 lbs from being totally dehydrated either, so I'll just deal with a plateau every now and then. 

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SW 152.4

CW 148.8

Have some mental anguish right now so decided to use my support tools and log in here and post how I'm feeling.  It's only mental though but I really want to break my fast, but I don't want to because I want the results.  I just am feeling the stress hormones, the lack of sleep ~5 hours the last two nights, and making my kids their food and afterschool snacks.  I really want to "treat" myself for not eating for 3 days.  I have been following the advice to stay busy.  On a positive note I have NOT been feeling the abundance of GI issues like on my last fast, I really credit that to removing all cream from my coffee and flavored sparkling waters switched to unflavored.  

I pulled buckthorn today, cut sticks to fit into the yard waste bin, and primed some of my windows around my house all while watching/playing with my 2 year old.  

I have drank regular and unflavored sparkling water today, black coffee, and had one bath.  I think I might have another bath with epsom salts to help.  I am afraid to admit but I had 3 epsom salt baths my first fasting day.  I am at home all day so I can do this sort of thing and it helps with that "chilled to the bone" feeling.  

I have a history of breaking around the 3-4 day mark so I am heading into tough territory for me.  To take from my runner friend's lingo I want to reach a new PR for my extended fast.  

I heard Megan Ramos has a new fasting podcast so on the 2 keto dudes podcast so I might download and listen to that to pass another hour.  

Here's to more time under my fasting belt!

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Seems like I  had more water weight in me than I anticipated! Not looking forward to the plateau this will bring, but can't do anything about that. Having more sodium today and watching my liquid intake more closely to ensure I'm actually getting enough (I drink when I'm thirsty, but that may not be enough after 2.5 days).

I created a fasting tracker in my bujo; each day is a large square subdivided into 4 smaller squares, and I get to fill in a small square every 6 hours. I like tracking things. I made it large enough to track up to 25 days if I want to, but I doubt I'll use all of them. Maaaybe 14 if I'm feeling really good on day 10. I certainly am enjoying the freedom from worrying about what, when, and how much I'll eat each day.

Not a lot going on today in terms of anything I would need to leave the house for, now that I'm back from class. Playing Stardew Valley again, which is fun and pretty chill; I can't remember what any of my goals were on this save, so picking it back up is a little bumpy, but still enjoyable.


My bedtime (Yogi brand) tea didn't do miracles for me last night, but on the plus side it was definitely less 'medicinal' tasting than I expected, and I will probably brew a stronger cup tonight. Partly because it tastes pretty good (although I won't be devastated to finish the box), and partly to see if a double-strong steep has more effect.

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Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 146.2 lbs

Total Lost: 7.2 lbs

Down 2.2 lbs today. I dreamed that I ate a sandwich last night, and was pretty upset with myself for breaking my fast, and as with most of my realistic dreams, it took me a while upon waking to realize it hadn't happened. I was a little hungry towards the end of the day yesterday, but not bad. I did my 1 mile run, and beat my best time! My September running goal was to get to 9:30 and I did it in 9:29. Woohoo! And with just a few days left in the month. Forgot to do body weight exercises, though.

Woke up feeling a bit weak/lethargic, typical for Day 3. Slept okay, except for maybe half an hour in the early AM when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I took melatonin before bed, but I'm not sure it helped. I made a new rule for myself last night that when the alarm goes off, I have 5 seconds to get out of bed. I did it this morning, and it sucked, but then I felt like I woke up more quickly because I didn't lie there wishing I could go back to sleep. Also, it's a good little willpower exercise to get the day started right.

I am going to try to ramp up my water intake today in hopes that it will help me get to my goal of being below 140 by the 30th. That would be 6 lbs in 3 days, though, which I don't think is realistic, since I usually drop a little over 1 lb/day after Day 3. We shall see, though!

One thing that I have been noticing is that I really want to talk to people about my fast. I talk to my husband about it, ad nauseam probably, but I am excited and happy to be doing this, and I want to tell people like my mom and my best friends, too, but I don't want any negativity from them to take away from my positive spirit, so I haven't. My mom (who is a physician) knows that I fast for a couple days at a time sometimes, but I feel like 10 days would put her in the "worried" camp, and my friends would be concerned/think I am crazy.

The thing is, to me this is the weigh to lose weight. Not 10 days, specifically, but IF and EF overall. I also think that CICO works, but it's so much harder to exercise moderation compared to simply abstaining. Also, I think that once you are a normal BMI, CICO is so restrictive that you pretty much end up IFing by default. I would only be eating 800-1200 calories/day if I was just trying for a daily calorie deficit to get 1-2 lbs of weight loss per week. And then what? Eat 3 tiny meals a day? Probably I'd be skipping breakfast so that I could have more filling lunches and dinners. So to me, fasting is normal, and it should be considered normal. It's the most obvious way to lose weight: don't eat for longer periods. Simple enough, right? And delightfully, it sure works wonderfully well.

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My numbers at the start of day 6: 89.2, 104/76, 5.2. All within acceptable parameters. I do hope to get below 82 at some point, under 80 would be a dream.

During my last fast, I'd given in to the lethargy and slept or zoned out as I felt needed to. That was a mistake I think. This time around, I'm trying to get in 2 low-intensity workouts a day. So far so good, and it's starting to feel like the more I workout, the more I can workout. #workout

Trying to restart my progress on the book The Ketogenic Bible. I've got a bookmark in it somewhere, I'll try to get in at least half a chapter today. It's a pretty good book, very recently published. #reading

Brain fog, probably as a result of not using it much. #ugh

So I went out to the supermarket and bought some infusions. All my water is now flavoured. There's Lemon/Lime, Mango, Bitter Orange and Very Red Berries. 10 bottles drunk so far today. There might be room for maybe 2 more. #water

I'd also acquired some vinegars - an organic ACV, a red wine vinegar and a fresh bottle of black cuka vinegar to replace the one I had (expired.) Unsure of how to incorporate any of them into the fast though. I'd used the black vinegar as a last ditch to remove that awful taste in my mouth. #vinegar

Someone on r/fasting mentioned their own experience with vinegar during an extended fast. Phrases like "persistent diarrhoea," and "don't trust your farts" were used. Well, I know now what all of that feels like. So, on top of not really knowing how to add vinegar into the fast, I've got to figure out my tolerance. #TMI

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