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New to IF and started on 8/22. First day, did 14:10, then 16:8, and now trying to stick to fasting for at least 17-18 hours. I need maximum results!

My female starting stats:

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 128lbs

Waist: 25.5-26.5" (from morning to night)

I'm really hoping to lose 8-10 lbs by the wedding. I want to fit my dress comfortably and I need to be at a solid 25" waist size to do so. 24" would be even better! I'm sticking to my exercise routine of burning at least 250-400 cals a day for 5 days a week (hot yoga, treadmill/stairmaster, light weights). I'm getting nervous that I won't make it :/ I was also calorie counting and trying to stay below 1400 cals (with goal 1100) a day. But now I'm thinking that I should stop driving myself crazy by counting since it's hard to fill up on 600+ calories per meal anyway.


After my first week of IF (I haven't broke one day of it!), I've noticed my face has slimmed down and I'm no longer bloated in the mornings. I'm coming off of a keto (going to Italy for honeymoon so I need to work carbs back in) so carbs have been bloating me up as of late. Now I'm thinking I need to stay low carb and just accept the major bloat I'll get when I consume carbs in Italy. So that's why my waist balloons a full inch by the evening and I don't want that.

One thing I am loving about IF, despite my thoughts that I need to stay low carb, is that it's no longer "I can't have that," which was really hard to stick to, and it's now "I can't have that NOW but I can have that later." So now the desire for the forbidden is no longer there. All I need to do is WAIT, which is much easier than completely cutting myself off of the foods I love. And it ends up that when it comes time to eat, I don't even want it anymore.

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