Fasting Logs

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I was so hungry after I left the office yesterday - even after my delicious lunch!  I did have some diet coke and chewing gum so not sure if that made things worse...

Had a slice of wholewheat bread and PB so stave off hunger before dinner.  And then I made a lovely salmon/courgette (zucchini!)/cous cous meal, and I had enough left over for today's lunch!

I finished the day on slightly more cals - 1500...but that is my TDEE-20% so I always look at 1500 as my 'upper limit' (my usual 1200 weekday goal is designed to leave some breathing space for the weekend).

I did have a glass of red wine last night to toast the arrival of my new housemates.  As a fairly seasoned drinker I didn't even think about how it would affect me today (I assumed that as someone who could previously indulge in a full bottle and be fine the next day that it wouldn't affect me at all!).  

Well, I'm not sure if it was the wine or the fact that I've never managed FIVE WHOLE DAYS of IF before, but I definitely felt weird this morning!  Very mild headache, cloudy head, slightly dizzy - strange considering that yesterday was my best eating day of the week so far.  As usual I was drinking coffee with a dash of milk, plus my 1L of water, so nothing new there.

And then, wham, at around 11am the cloud lifted and (very!) suddenly I felt great!

I've just had my lunch and now I'm thinking that I  might treat myself to a smoothie from the local juice cafe...one issue I've had is, ahem, lack of bowel movements this week so time to fibre up I think!

I was naughty and did step on the scale this morning (I promised myself I wouldn't until at least 10 days in - I hate the feeling of that number dictating my day, and I know very little can change other than water weight over the course of a few days), however I was pleased to see that the needle seemed to have shifted ever so slightly in the right direction.  We have analogue scales at home, so it makes it difficult to be 100% accurate...which is probably a good thing in preventing me from becoming obsessed with the 0.0111 numbers!

The side effects so far have been interesting and definitely manageable, and good sign that something is going on.  I'm very aware that weight loss comes down to calories in < calories out no matter how you package it, however I am genuinely interested in the other effects of IF...and I do also love the mini challenge of holding off on eating for 16+ hours.

It will be interesting to see how the weekend transpires.  I have an unusually quiet weekend planned so I shouldn't come across too many obstacles in terms of the usual food and alcohol, however I do some fairly labour intensive volunteering on a Saturday morning, and I'll probably head off snowboarding on Sunday...and the thought of being very active first thing in the morning with no food is quite daunting!  It's most likely all just in my head, but we'll see how we go!

Happy fasting :)