Fasting Logs

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Whinge time, today was absolutely awful. I haven't been on here much because I spent so much time sleeping and trying to do chores in between naps. I might skip class tomorrow. The professor isn't super hung up on attendance as long as we can keep up with the homework and readings, so... 

But yeah, went out with my mum to do some arts n crafts shopping. She wasn't sure what she was looking for or where it would be, so we had to walk about a lot (boohoo yeah). We get up to the register and the woman working was very new (and the particular store has constantly rotating sales + not that great of a system anyway) so it took her a very long time to ring up mum's stuff and I was fading fast. 

Then it started to hit me; some sort of aura which made everything blown out and too bright, a headache, clammy and faint... I go sit down and try to play "I'm a grown woman sitting on the floor but y'know it's cool whatevs right?" Yeah. So the headache passes, followed by an hour long cramp session from hell. Still clammy, now in incredible pain, I'm gonna either throw up or pass out or both. We finally get back to the house and I take pain meds, a hot bath, and many naps since then. I feel better but not 100% (not even "fasting 100%"). I haven't had anything that bad since I was a teenager, it was horrendous.

So that was my life today.