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I'm numbering fasting logs, alright? Not fast days. I don't do extended fasting.

I'm into the 25th hour of my current fast, which will last until a social dinner this evening (so 3-4 more hours). Feels weird; kind of like I could continue this for another 24h, and also like I could eat everything in my pantry. 

Speaking of, I have a lot of unused food now. Need to get that going with some meal-prepping for my eating window. Ugh this could have been much easier without social meals and events but I don't wanna give up on them so I'm making them my daily meals.

Anyways these last 24h I've had 1 cup of coffee and maybe 2 glasses of coke zero. I fast with coke zero, what about you?

PopFnordette Sep 7 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: if, other people, social events, coke zero
So I was seeing friends now during my eating window and I told one of them about IF. I consider her pretty open minded to these kind of things but her reaction was ... negative, to say the least. Says that for all she knows (she's got an Msc in biology, now doing a Phd) that's a sure way to stress the body and screw your metabolism and sounds wacky. 

I really tried to explain to her how much better fasting feels but I felt pretty discouraged by her reaction. It sucks feeling like I'm doing something wrong and that it better be kept a secret.

How do you handle other people?

Also, totally junk eating window. I broke the fast nicely at home with chicken breast and a piece of toast with peanut butter, but when out with my friends I had all the poster-children of bad eating - cheeseburger, cocktails, cheesecake. Great.

I am kind of down now.

This could have gone better.

PopFnordette Sep 4 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: if, other people, responses, social events