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So I managed to complete OMAD yesterday - I was getting some pretty strong hunger pangs in the afternoon, but I imagine that the bottle of wine and lack of sleep from the day before wasn't helping!  It was tough - but when I could finally eat, it was awesome!

It made me really think about what I want from an eating plan.  As someone who loves food, to be able to enjoy whatever food you like and still lose weight?  That's the dream no?  And all it requires is to acquire the mental strength to avoid eating stuff during the day that you probably don't appreciate or enjoy all that much anyway.  Food tastes so good after a long fast!

So I'm giving it another go today.  Strangely I've had some hunger pangs this morning which I don't usually get - possibly all in my head?

Having said all of the above, I think that variety and enjoyment are the keys to sticking to something and so I don't plan on doing OMAD every day...maybe 3-4 days a week, with calorie counting 16/8 on the other days - and one 'feeding/free eating' day at the weekend.  

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Day 5 - Friday PM

On Friday I did have my Fig and Cinnamon smoothie in an attempt to top my fibre up.  I went home and made a really nice jacket kumara/sweet potato with homemade salsa and sour cream - really filling and fairly low cal (just over 200 cals).  After my usual treat of wholemeal bread and PB I finished the day on 1300 and feeling very satisfied.

Day 6 - Saturday

I managed to keep my fasting window going until 2pm today - so 18 hours!  I was at my volunteering job this morning which, as a mentioned, is fairly labour intensive (more so than my 9-5 desk job anyway!), however this was actually better as I was so busy and preoccupied that I didn't have a chance to think about food.  This is definitely key for me - keeping busy. 

When I got home I had some Weet-Bix (for the fibre!) and milk, and some bread and PB.  I went into town for the afternoon and really had a craving for some ice cream.  Now my downfall with previous eating plans was being too restrictive and not giving into cravings, until I reached breaking point and gave into all of them at once!  Not this time - weekends are for having fun and I've decided if I want something at the weekend I'll have it.  So I did and it was glorious!

However, I was still pretty concerned about the now 6 day lack of bowel movement - I was starting to feel gassy, uncomfortable and bloated and my tummy was rock hard.  I bought some laxatives on the way home just in case I had to use them.  I also bought half a kilo of prunes just to see if mother nature could sort it out before I had to resort to medication.

Dinner was some really nice fish tacos, with handful of prunes as a dessert.  Later in the evening I had some more prunes and also indulged in some fruity cider - hey it's the weekend!

A few hours later, to my relief, the prunes had worked their magic...a little too well in fact but lets not get into the realm of TMI.  I ended up not counting my calories for today, but I guess that I probably ended up on the closer to 2000 mark...which is why I have my weekday contingency.

Day 7 - Sunday

I did stick to my normal fasting window today - had some wholewheat toast and PB at 1.30pm ish.  I had made arrangements for this evening to have dinner with some friends at their house, which I agreed to cook.  I went up to theirs mid afternoon and I will admit that I did let go a little.  After some afternoon chocolate cake and wine, I continued cooking our chicken and vegetable roast with gravy.  I didn't count calories at all today and have no idea what I ended up on, but I had a really nice day with friends and that's what it's all about.

Day 8 - Monday AM

So this morning it's time to get back on track.  I think I'm going to try OMAD/22:2 today just as a little detox (and an attempt to clawback some calories) from the weekend.  So nothing much report so far other than the physiological fear of not having lunch.  It's not really the hunger that I'm worried about, it's just not having a focal point midday that revolves around eating.  I take a lot of enjoyment from eating so maybe it's time to find something else do in my lunch break that I enjoy.

Anyway watch this space and I'll update tomorrow :)


Just as an aside, I haven't really mentioned anything about exercise or lack of the same.

Around 5 weeks ago I sustained a knee injury whilst snowboarding (meniscus tear), and I still have mobility problems and some pain on that knee.  I'm trying to get back into physical activities again but without causing a setback.  I've been snowboarding a few times since but can't really do more than 2-3 runs without it hurting.  I walk to and from work every day which takes about 20 minutes each way, and I've been doing some body weight strength training at home.

Once my knee has fully healed I want to get back into running and get some mountain hiking done.  I don't really want to be paying for gym memberships at the moment, so I'll continue to do to my at home strength training until I feel I need to step it up.  I also really enjoy yoga, but my knee isn't up to a lot of the positions at the moment - but I will get back into that again.  

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