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Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 148.4 lbs

Total Lost: 5 lbs

So yeah, that was the water weight/food weight going bye-bye. I figure today and tomorrow I'll drop another 2-3 lbs going into ketosis, and then I'll start actually counting the weight loss as real fat loss once I am down to my previous fasted low-weight of 145 from last week. My September goal was to get to 140 by September 30th, and I'm not sure I'll get there, but I think I'll get pretty close.

Yesterday was a breeze. Day 1 is easy for me. Days 2-4 I am usually a bit hungry. I have learned to just shift my focus to "What can I drink?" instead of my typical "What can I eat?" I have a lot of different flavors of tea and bubbly waters at my office, so I just go to town on liquid, calorie-free flavors all day. Slept in a bit today, but I'll be going for a 1 mile run this evening, and doing body weight exercises (squats, jump squats, lunges, sit-ups, pushups). Feeling good about the next 8 days!

Last night, I had about 1/4 teaspoon of XCT oil when I took my multi-vitamin, because I realized that I may have been getting Vitamin K deficient from doing back-to-back extended fasts. I started bruising really easily, which is an early sign of K deficiency, since K is important for clotting. I always take a multi-vitamin when I fast, but I had (stupidly) forgotten that A, D, E, and K were probably not being absorbed much without any fat since they are fat soluble. So I had about 30 calories worth of fat with my vitamin, which might not be enough for max absorption, but should certainly make a big difference. I plan to repeat that each day that I fast. I don't think that 30 calories will have a negative impact on anything (autophagy, hunger, ketosis, weight loss, etc.). Curious if anyone else is taking a little oil with a multi-vitamin while fasting to increase absorption. If this was a stand-alone fast, I wouldn't bother, but I am basically always either in EF or IF mode, and plan to be until I finish losing weight.



SW: 230


I am actually about 65 hours into an unlogged fast. The last one I wrote about went wonderful. I had a light day, then when I woke up the next day I felt ok to fast again, so here I am! I am hoping that helps my odds of completing the 10 day group fast instead of hurting it. 

Today I've had some black coffee, and a metric ton of water. I feel really good! 

This afternoon I start a new medication for my ADHD, so I'm a little nervous about that. My psychiatrist (who i found out is Islamic and fasts often himself for religious and spiritual reasons) advised to take it with a little coconut oil and a large glass of water, since it needs fat to work? He also advised me to take a magnesium and calcium supplement, even after fasting. I trust his advice, so I'm starting that today as well.

I took a before picture today. I can't wait to compare it on Oct 5th.


Day two! Here we go! 

I haven't experienced any weird symptoms or side effects, so I'm gonna keep on it. I woke up super thirsty this morning, which was strange because I drank almost 32 oz of water before bed. Mentally, I feel really clear headed. Very sharp. No brain fog at all.

I nearly had a moment of weakness last night while preparing dinner for the kids. I made them bacon and pancakes and it was so hard to resist. I portioned out the exact number of bacon strips for them, and made exactly two pancakes then got rid of the batter. It was close. I spent too much time gazing longingly at their plates while drinking lemon water, but I persevered. 

The thing that I'm enjoying the most is exercising self control. I've always been a compulsive and indulgent person. It's been really empowering to be able to hold strong. To face that bacon and not eat it, haha! Anyway, today should go pretty smoothly. I don't feel any hunger at all. I keep contemplating making some vegetable broth to have on hand. I have a ton of onion, fresh zucchini, squash and celery I don't want to go bad. 


Yesterday went really well. The vegetable broth I made was deeply satisfying, and I didn't feel any temptation to snack on the veggies. They went right out to the chickens. I slept better last night than I have in a very, very long time- even with waking up with the baby. It was like MAGIC. I did have an incidence of leg cramps during the night, so I think I'll pick up some potassium today just in case.

Otherwise I've been keeping busy by reading about fasting. It's helping keeping me on track for sure.


Feeling great! Still holding strong. I'm about 130 hours into my fast. My husband was released from his job and was able to come home early, so now I'm debating if I should break fast on Saturday to go out for our anniversary. I'm not sure. Maybe we will go to a movie instead of dinner?


Nothing really new to update. I still feel well. Slept great again last night. My husband is supportive. Confused but supportive. We had a very active day today walking around a park and I felt really good the whole time. I've noticed that I have really increased my water intake since I've started as well.

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Day 1

Weight: 153.4 lbs

Good morning! Today is Day 1 of my 10 Day Fast (which is also going on as a Group Fast, so join us if you want to). I somehow gained back all of the weight from my 4-day fast last week, plus 1 lb, just from 3 days of normal eating. I was at 149.2 yesterday, so just from yesterday to today, I somehow gained 4 lbs on the scale. My stats from last week were:

Starting Weight (Sep. 19): 152.4 lbs

Ending Weight (Sep. 22): 145.6

I did have a lot of carbs and some alcohol Saturday and Sunday, so maybe that explains the re-gain, but still it always sucks when the number on the scale goes in the wrong direction. I already hit the gym this morning, and did 10 minutes of moderate intensity on the elliptical, and did some light weight lifting (legs day). I am going to do resistance training on most days during this fast to maintain muscle mass. I will also be taking the following supplements:

- multi vitamin

- magnesium

- potassium

- veggie broth (for sodium)

- biotin (not in my multi, and don't want to lose hair...)

Glycine (an animo acid, needed for collagen production--trying to promote skin elasticity)

- BCAAs after lifting weights for muscle repair

So yeah, that's a lot, but in my experience, this is what keeps me feeling good on an EF. I am also going to be trying to drink 100 ounces of liquid per day. Feeling happy to be fasting again, especially since this weekend was fun and I ate good food, but I feel like the more I lose weight, the more easily and more quickly I put it back on.

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