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Weighed myself pre-fast, I was 180.5.

For some reason I find dry fasting easier than water/salt fast.

I think its because I don't have to worry about putting anything in my body and also I don't piss out all my electrolytes.

First day I had really great energy.

I slept for about 4 hours and woke up early in the morning at about 4 AM to take a pee. I put on some binaural beats and drifted away until I had work at 8AM.

Keto sticks showed I was in ketosis after about 30 hours.

I weighed myself at about 30 hours and I was 178.5

I'm at work now at 45 and a half hours. Day is going well. I work a computer job so not to much strenuous shit going on. Thank god for that.

Feeling like a million bucks, excited to see that scale move!

Will follow with updates.

jon Apr 3 '18 · Tags: dry fast, fasting, dryfast
Today I'm going to start with my fast. I have 2 weeks to go for a trip. Planning to fast for 2 weeks. 
Haaaa I did it. We are so in, this time! Today is day 2. Got all of today also scheduled out of the house. Still no dead kittens breath, but I expect that will come shortly. Gave myself an enema before sleep last night, ugh the smell.

Oddly, I feel like there currently is food in my stomach. As though I'm bloated after a heavy meal. Hope this feeling goes away soon, I hate it.

Today's stats:
Weight - 145.4 (-1.2kg from yesterday)
Glucose - 130 (not sure why this jumped so dramatically after a 24 hour fast)
BP - 144/78
HB - 89

Chest - 122 cm (-1 from yesterday)
Waist - 112 cm (checked several times... Apparently I lot 4 cm's overnight there. This is so weird. I was hoping for 1, not expecting 4 in a day)
Hips - 136 cm (this is +3 to yesterday... I guess I measured in another place, but I couldn't find a spot that was close to yesterday's measurement. Very weird. Have paid more attention so next time I stick to the same spot).
It was a rough night, with the effects of the magnesium flush. I woke up at 10:30 today, which is about four hours later than usual, but it's fine... Changed the plans for today up a bit, but I'll be out of the house most of the day.

Starting stats:
Weight - 146.5 kg
Glucose - 100
BP - 141/87
HR - 89
neck - 44
chest - 123
waist - 116
hips - 133
bicep - 48
wrist - 20
thigh - 85
shin - 56
ankle - 31

I'll be monitoring chest/waist/hips daily, the rest weekly. Measurements are in cm. Good luck to me.
So after a few bumps and burps on the road, alongside a first period in 6 months, I finally started my fast. Took a bunch of magnesium to do a flush and I'm waiting for the effects to start as I type this. Stats and measurements will be tomorrow. For now, I started this at about 18:00, and I've got an entire day planned out of the house tomorrow so I won't be anywhere near food at my usual breaking point, which is sometimes around 15:00.

Mostly, I'm just tired right now, with 0 energy. I'm suspecting part of this is a depression flare, which will probably remain present until I find a new job.

Don't like counting hours, but half a day doesn't really feel fast-ish to me, so I tagged today as day 0.

Good luck to me.
Nessaroze Sep 3 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: fast, water fast, water fasting, fasting, day 0
Deleted my previous post by accident >.>

So today is day 1 of my mostly water fast. Today's unlimited coffee day, and on day 2 it becomes water-only. I'm pro-enema while water fasting, and I'll be using these too as per need.

My aim is to go a minimum of 7 days, but ideally I'd like to hit that 40-60 day mark. Not going to stress is though, aiming for 7 days and then taking it on a day per day basis.

Goals: letting my body reset in the hopes it deals better with PCOS symptoms, weight loss, blood glucose and pressure need to go down into normal range. Hopefully, by the end of the fast I'll be able to drop the bp meds I'm on.

Things I'm taking: birth control pill, blood pressure meds, vitamin D. I'll be dropping the iron during the fast since it requires food for digestion.

Starting stats:
Weight - 147kg
Fasting glucose - 122
Blood pressure (I'm on meds) - 140/92
Heart rate - 90

I'll add measurements tomorrow.
Nessaroze Aug 31 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: nessa fast, day 1, fasting, water fasting, water fast, fast