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My numbers at the start of day 6: 89.2, 104/76, 5.2. All within acceptable parameters. I do hope to get below 82 at some point, under 80 would be a dream.

During my last fast, I'd given in to the lethargy and slept or zoned out as I felt needed to. That was a mistake I think. This time around, I'm trying to get in 2 low-intensity workouts a day. So far so good, and it's starting to feel like the more I workout, the more I can workout. #workout

Trying to restart my progress on the book The Ketogenic Bible. I've got a bookmark in it somewhere, I'll try to get in at least half a chapter today. It's a pretty good book, very recently published. #reading

Brain fog, probably as a result of not using it much. #ugh

So I went out to the supermarket and bought some infusions. All my water is now flavoured. There's Lemon/Lime, Mango, Bitter Orange and Very Red Berries. 10 bottles drunk so far today. There might be room for maybe 2 more. #water

I'd also acquired some vinegars - an organic ACV, a red wine vinegar and a fresh bottle of black cuka vinegar to replace the one I had (expired.) Unsure of how to incorporate any of them into the fast though. I'd used the black vinegar as a last ditch to remove that awful taste in my mouth. #vinegar

Someone on r/fasting mentioned their own experience with vinegar during an extended fast. Phrases like "persistent diarrhoea," and "don't trust your farts" were used. Well, I know now what all of that feels like. So, on top of not really knowing how to add vinegar into the fast, I've got to figure out my tolerance. #TMI

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My numbers at the start of day 5: 90.5, 102/79, 5.4. Numbers are quite encouraging. Well, maybe except I wish the weight would go down faster. BP in a good zone and glucose looks stabilized.

Water is starting to taste (AND SMELL) like pukey metal! 16 bottles so far today and a dash of black vinegar in the late afternoon. How do I get rid of this? Will I have to lay off the intense water regiment for a while? Vinegar was a desperate attempt to mask that awful taste but I don't think it's a good, sustainable practice. #water

The way I see it, the glucose-operating bits of the body are like a petrol-burning engine. Keto's different, it's a different fuel source, so it makes this car (my body) a hybrid of sorts. Ketones are a more abundant but slower burning fuel so maybe diesel-like. Getting keto adapted is like having the body produce diesel from my fat reserves. But that's only the first bit. The next part is to get the diesel engines fired up, and for them to start using ketones. (Yes, there's also gluoconeogenesis but that's another thing.) I'm at this second part now I think. Fasting lethargy is a grand old bitch that's making this super rough. #keto

Can I have my pizza now? Pepperoni and sausage, with extra pepperoni please?

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My numbers at the start of day 4: 91, 124/77 (!!!), 5.4. Glucose numbers looking good but what's with that BP?!? Remnants of a bad dream? :P

Today was process group so the morning workout got sacrificed. Getting up at 3am for a border run is always fun. Still, good sesh today even though CSG was missing. I think that she's always had a big presence and when she's around the session tends to evolve around her contributions. Still, it did feel like something was missing. #PG

Sleep always gets messed up a bit on PG day. I can't doze in the cab, nor the bus, nor at the hospital so it's reading some shite on reddit or distracting myself with stupid Android games or staring out into space over some cold water. Hmm, actually I did get some shuteye in the waiting room so that helped. #zzz

I think that, for me, day 4 is sorta when it becomes real, the idea that I am actually, really, no kidding, on a fast. All kinds of coping mechanisms pop up. I drew out my islands of personality and populated the bits on fasting. Circles of support seem important, some folks to check in with to let them know I'm alive, some folks to brag about new achievements, some folks to chat about ideas on what's going on during fasting and stuff. #reality

On track for 14-15 bottles of water today. That might be close to my limit. It's enough to make me feel good the next day but there doesn't seem to be enough of me to process more water. #water #TMI

I'm ambivalent about Wonderful Wonderful.

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My numbers at the start of day 3: 92.3, 107/79, 6.8. Lots of water loss + clearing of digestive backlog!

So ... for two days so far, I've managed to pull off 2 workouts a day! Low intensity keto-style workouts. 45-min walk around the estate in the morning, and weights + 30 min walk/run on the treadmill in the evening. Sorta re-discovering one of the first rules of workouts, the more one does, the more one can do. Good feeling about this. #workout #fingers-crossed

I spent most of the day lounging in front of the telly catching up on Marvel's Agents of Shield. Wow, season 4 is really really well-written. 7 episodes left to watch, think that'll have to move to tomorrow. #distraction

Water was a thing today. As in I'm drinking a crap load of it. 14x 600ml bottles so far and it's only 9pm. Think there's allowance for another 2 bottles. Sipping from the salt water bottle when I feel like it so I don't get poisoned by dihydrogen monoxide!! Wondering if I ought to up my supplements. Am feeling good so far. #water

The Killers are a good act but I am getting rather sick of them. It was bound to happen when I put all their albums into a single playlist and left it on repeat. I NEED NEW MUSIC!! Maybe I'll have to leave the radio on the next couple days. #music

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My numbers at the start of day 2: 94.1, 118/88, 7.2.

Here's a secret: cold water mitigates those "hunger pangs" from the stomach.

Hunger pangs in quotes cos, apparently, that feeling from the stomach? It's not real hunger, it's just that the stomach's used to certain things at certain times, and it's just wondering when the next thing's coming. Real hunger? It's a mouth and throat feeling. #hunger

I've got 7 600ml bottles of water in the fridge, and another 5 outside. That seems to be enough if I refill them immediately. #logistics

So, it's never too early to think about that first refeed meal. It's probably going to be liver. Again. I'm turning into a creature of habit no matter what I'm doing. Liver is good, though. The one difference is it might be a pig liver instead of a cow liver this time. #refeed #liver

This has not been properly scienced but I gauge my state of ketoness by the colour of my pee. Pee colour usually ranges from clear to shades of yellow and/or green. From observation and correlation with what's been going on, I've come to believe that yellow = body has spare glucose, and green = body has spare ketones. #pee #TMI

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Starting numbers: 95.4, 139/95, 8.0 Planned duration: 30 days + some hours (until 23 Oct)

I had been stuffing my face the past 2 weeks and the numbers show. I think that I screwed up the reset that came with the last fast, and well, I've got an interesting starting point this time around.

About to sit down for last meal before fast. Bacon chips, orange, cheddar and some whipping cream. That would put my start point as 2pm Friday.

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