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Starting Weight: 153.4 lbs

Today's Weight: 145 lbs

Total Lost: 8.4 lbs

Down 1.2 lbs since yesterday. Felt too weak to run or workout when I got home from work, maybe from the hard run on D2. My legs just felt heavy, and my body didn't want to move fast. Instead I did some stretching and drank ginger tea, and watched Dr. Who, played Magic, and enjoyed some time with my husband.

Just a quick post today. Somewhat hungry (normal for me on D4), but dealing with it, and cold of course. Slept better than I expected, but we vaped some MJ before bedtime, so perhaps that helped. Going to do some light weightlifting tonight. Wishing I was a little further along towards my goal of 140 by EOM, but regards, I am feeling so close to my goal weight, and I know that just a few more weeks of EFs with some re-feeding days mixed in will get me there! Today one of my coworkers said "You are SO SKINNY" and that made me feel awesome. She is trying to lose weight and I told her I've been doing IF (didn't talk about long fasts). She was intrigued, and said she had heard that IF is healthy. It's always nice when the actual good diet ideas (like "sometimes, don't eat for a while") pick up steam.

Well. I am feeling like shit. But then again, today is day 4, which means tomorrow is the last potential bad day, and then we're sailing. I'm high strung, emotionally. I was reading a book yesterday and kept crying for no reason during the exposition. Realizing it was not a good day to deal with other people, I mostly kept to myself, in my room. I was hoping today would be better, and while emotionally it is, physically I feel like crap.

I still have bowel movements. They reek. I know I need to drop my coffee but right now it's all that's keeping me feeling human. So... Tomorrow will be no coffee?

I mostly just wanna crawl back under the covers and hide until tomorrow.

Weight - 144.1 (-0.4kg from yesterday)
Glucose - 104
BP - 129/81
HB - 87

Three spots entirely unchanged from yesterday.
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