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So I just ate a real meal, last meal was 27:30 hours ago. did a 24 and then some yay. However I did accidentally drink a glass of juice around 23-24 hours into the fast... just mindlessly doing it. Weird how I'm so used to mindlessly eating.

In a couple of hours I'm meeting with friends which is why I stretched the usual 20 hours fast longer - to fit my eating window to our meeting. 

Basically the rest of the week my eating is dictated by social events - tomorrow as well as Wednesday I have lunches at work (so next fast will be a lot shorter than 20, no doubt - it's a late-dinner-to-lunch fast), Thursday I have another dinner with friends, Friday is a friend's birthday, Saturday I'm going to see my parents for traditional lunch...

Yeah it might look like I'm very social but it's just this week, honest.

The longer fast was nice. Didn't even feel like I needed food. Except in the last ~2 hours when I was already thinking about how I'm going to break it soon; it's all in your mind.

I weighed 69.6kg today. Higher than when I made my first log. I'll give this at least a week more to see where I'm heading, with period bloating and water weight and whatnot. But can't say I'm very encouraged.

PopFnordette Sep 4 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: if, 24h, day fast, juice