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I saw a dietitian yesterday. Told me I'm having too many carbs for my single meal (apparently the amount per single meal matters more than total amount throughout the day) and I should introduce more healthy fats to my diet, which is currently pretty poor in fats.

These are age old habits of course... I'm just not a fan of fatty food, healthy or not, the taste never grew on me. Guess I'll have to adjust.

Another thing she said was about my snacks - after my meal, the rest of the eating window I just snack occasionally until I don't feel like it and\or my 4 hours are over. She said instead of grazing it's preferable nutritionally to collect all of these snacks (I'm talking things like yogurt\biscuits\granola\nuts) to be another "meal" 3 hours after my real meal.  Gonna try that.

It's a bit weird that she's about 1.5 my size. You'd expect someone who gives out nutritional advice to look healthy.

Right now I'm at the start of a longer fast (over 24h), I'm 3h in so not really feeling anything interesting. My fasts vary in length quite a bit this week since I got quite a few events that mess with my routine; I guess you should be prepared for that though, there will always be something.

I wonder how these variations affect my (not-existing) results; posted a discussion topic about that.

Going to the gym soon and then call it a day.

I'm logging like crazy sorry about that.

Anyways I did fast for 18:30 hours, and then I ate lunch, and the cookies, and some more sugary carbs - in fact I managed to go over my calorie goals in just 2:30 hours. No regrets though, I mentally needed that sugar #period

Was a bit lethargic afternoon but that's to be expected, it went away quickly, got to the gym for a laid back fasted workout. I'm nearly 8 hours into my fast now and I plan to make it last over 24, tomorrow evening I'm going out with friends so my eating window will slightly shift and expand to include dinner, which it doesn't normally include.

Still finding how to make this a sustainable routine.

Well that's it today

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