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Yes still, pah. Well, anyway, I was severely tempted tonight; that's why I waited until the end of the day to make this post. Every week I go over to family's and often that involves food (go figure). Happy to say I got through the whole night without a bite.  Tonight we watched a movie; there was lasagna and garlic bread available, and I cut a slice for my husband. Watching a movie rather than having a proper meal together made it much easier to avoid weird questions (no one knows I'm fasting, not even my SO), but the lasagna smelled very, very good. 

I have felt pretty lousy most of today; low nausea, suuuper sleepy (6 hours of sleep and a 2 hour nap around 2pm, still sleepy now!), headache. I'm about to take a pain med for the headache, just hoping it doesn't make the nausea any worse.

At about 6-7 I broke that 120 hour mark since my last meal, so that's fun. 2 hours until it's the end of calendar day 5 officially (at least in my timezone). Onward to day 6, over halfway through!

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By Pyx
Added Sep 29 '17


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