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Called it! I think a bit of sodium + ensuring I had a decent fluid intake yesterday helped the whole 'this is going a bit fast' thing, although I have to admit it was fun while it lasted. Nevertheless, still well on track to make my fasting GW. Unless food dreams have calories, of course.

On the TMI front; I have had no movement whatsoever for the past 5 days? I had some wind (which was purely wind), but otherwise nothing. I'm also having what feel like mild cramps, which more or less matches my best guess at when I will catch the moon sickness, but no other indications of that so far. Just some oddities.

Today is gonna be a pretty chill day, just gonna be at home working, may try and get some housework in as well if I'm really feeling it. It kinda feels like this week is going so fast. 3.5 days in and I haven't even gotten those knitting needles yet to work on an old project, or pulled out my languishing crochet WIP. Videogames, work, and school. Not bad by any means, I just imagined I'd wanna do more fiber work this week. 

Aaaanyway. Fastwise, nothing really interesting going on, at this point it's feeling pretty stable, and how much can you really say about not eating? I'm hoping the stall doesn't last forever, but at the same time I don't want to bounce back 8 lbs from being totally dehydrated either, so I'll just deal with a plateau every now and then. 

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Sep 28 '17
I hope the scale will move tomorrow for you and I've never heard it called moon sickness - made me laugh!
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By Pyx
Added Sep 28 '17



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