Group Fast Day 3/10 from Pyx's log



Seems like I  had more water weight in me than I anticipated! Not looking forward to the plateau this will bring, but can't do anything about that. Having more sodium today and watching my liquid intake more closely to ensure I'm actually getting enough (I drink when I'm thirsty, but that may not be enough after 2.5 days).

I created a fasting tracker in my bujo; each day is a large square subdivided into 4 smaller squares, and I get to fill in a small square every 6 hours. I like tracking things. I made it large enough to track up to 25 days if I want to, but I doubt I'll use all of them. Maaaybe 14 if I'm feeling really good on day 10. I certainly am enjoying the freedom from worrying about what, when, and how much I'll eat each day.

Not a lot going on today in terms of anything I would need to leave the house for, now that I'm back from class. Playing Stardew Valley again, which is fun and pretty chill; I can't remember what any of my goals were on this save, so picking it back up is a little bumpy, but still enjoyable.


My bedtime (Yogi brand) tea didn't do miracles for me last night, but on the plus side it was definitely less 'medicinal' tasting than I expected, and I will probably brew a stronger cup tonight. Partly because it tastes pretty good (although I won't be devastated to finish the box), and partly to see if a double-strong steep has more effect.

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By Pyx
Added Sep 27 '17



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