Water Fast #2 - Day 6 of 31 from Sophie's log

My numbers at the start of day 6: 89.2, 104/76, 5.2. All within acceptable parameters. I do hope to get below 82 at some point, under 80 would be a dream.

During my last fast, I'd given in to the lethargy and slept or zoned out as I felt needed to. That was a mistake I think. This time around, I'm trying to get in 2 low-intensity workouts a day. So far so good, and it's starting to feel like the more I workout, the more I can workout. #workout

Trying to restart my progress on the book The Ketogenic Bible. I've got a bookmark in it somewhere, I'll try to get in at least half a chapter today. It's a pretty good book, very recently published. #reading

Brain fog, probably as a result of not using it much. #ugh

So I went out to the supermarket and bought some infusions. All my water is now flavoured. There's Lemon/Lime, Mango, Bitter Orange and Very Red Berries. 10 bottles drunk so far today. There might be room for maybe 2 more. #water

I'd also acquired some vinegars - an organic ACV, a red wine vinegar and a fresh bottle of black cuka vinegar to replace the one I had (expired.) Unsure of how to incorporate any of them into the fast though. I'd used the black vinegar as a last ditch to remove that awful taste in my mouth. #vinegar

Someone on r/fasting mentioned their own experience with vinegar during an extended fast. Phrases like "persistent diarrhoea," and "don't trust your farts" were used. Well, I know now what all of that feels like. So, on top of not really knowing how to add vinegar into the fast, I've got to figure out my tolerance. #TMI

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By Sophie
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