Group Fast Day 2/10 from Pyx's log

Weight: 149 (in future I'll just have a number here)

Day 2, and a good way through it as well! So far so good, I've had diet soda, black coffee, and water. Tomorrow may be 'hump day' for many of us in more ways than one, but getting through it is better than repeating the same 2 days over and over (when you want to go longer)! Went to the store and picked up a couple sparkling waters as well, for fun, as well as a night time relaxation tea to encourage sleep. 

I'm surprised that my weight is 149 today, as I only just hit 150 yesterday. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm dehydrated, as that could be a problem later on. Maybe I'll be on 149 for a couple days, though, so I should prepare myself for that. The "downside" of losing more weight this month is that it goes below the tracker in my bullet journal (stops at 149)! Haha, I only gave myself enough space to lose a few pounds; I didn't plan on fasting as often as I have when I was setting up the page.

No real temptations today. I saw my mum, but she didn't try to feed me anything (yay, no excuses needed) and we just drank some coffee together while we chatted. I thought I was being 'brave' today, having my coffee black, but it was one of the smoothest cups of coffee I've had. Apparently mum recently discovered she'd been putting too many grounds in the french press. Good timing.

Can't find my knitting needles. I'll probably buy some later tonight (when it's cooler out, no AC in car), just a cheap metal pair from Wally's will do me. My old ones were bent to heck anyway, and it's rough trying to straighten metal sticks.

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By Pyx
Added Sep 26 '17



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