Water Fast #2 - Day 5 of 31 from Sophie's log

My numbers at the start of day 5: 90.5, 102/79, 5.4. Numbers are quite encouraging. Well, maybe except I wish the weight would go down faster. BP in a good zone and glucose looks stabilized.

Water is starting to taste (AND SMELL) like pukey metal! 16 bottles so far today and a dash of black vinegar in the late afternoon. How do I get rid of this? Will I have to lay off the intense water regiment for a while? Vinegar was a desperate attempt to mask that awful taste but I don't think it's a good, sustainable practice. #water

The way I see it, the glucose-operating bits of the body are like a petrol-burning engine. Keto's different, it's a different fuel source, so it makes this car (my body) a hybrid of sorts. Ketones are a more abundant but slower burning fuel so maybe diesel-like. Getting keto adapted is like having the body produce diesel from my fat reserves. But that's only the first bit. The next part is to get the diesel engines fired up, and for them to start using ketones. (Yes, there's also gluoconeogenesis but that's another thing.) I'm at this second part now I think. Fasting lethargy is a grand old bitch that's making this super rough. #keto

Can I have my pizza now? Pepperoni and sausage, with extra pepperoni please?

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By Sophie
Added Sep 26 '17



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