Group Fast Day 1/10 from Pyx's log

Weight this morning: 150

End of fast goal: 145*

It begins! Very excited for this, first time fasting with a group. I hope we all reach the goals that we set for ourselves, whatever they may be! I plan to update each day mid or end of day, depending on what works out. 

Doing this fast primarily for weight loss, so I'm not going as hardcore as many who want to ensure autophagy or other healing benefits. I'm allowing 0 cal beverages (inc. herbal teas and diet drinks) as well as broth for if I feel woozy or unusually lethargic. My longest fast was a 14 day fast, quite some time ago. I'm more accustomed to short, 1-day/36 hour fasts. I think I will enjoy getting back into extended fasting.

It's been about 20 hours since I last ate, 15 since the group fast started, and there haven't been any 'challenging' moments yet, which is to be expected from such a short interval. I'm hoping to miss the rough days because I believe I am either in or close to ketosis already. I did about 72 hours of total, intentional fasting last week (although in my log it's only 2 calendar days, just because of how the hours worked out). When not fasted I was under 40g net carbs, and yesterday specifically I had only eggs and salt. So, ideally there won't be a huge crash after a couple days, just a minor decline during the full transition.

To take advantage of extra time not spent planning, preparing, and eating meals (easily 2 hours if you cook 2 meals a day at home), I'll be picking up some old hobbies that I haven't had as much time for during school. Mainly games, knitting, and crochet. I have a couple projects that could stand dusting off and finishing.

Of course, having more time to devote to work would also be a productivity bonus.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is difficulty sleeping, hopefully it doesn't impact me too badly.

*this seems like a good number assuming I don't have a lot of carb/water weight to drop. 143 would be my 'stretch' goal, but I don't intend to exercise much during this time, so that's just a 'nice if it happens' number.

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By Pyx
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