Water Fast #2 - Day 4 of 31 from Sophie's log

My numbers at the start of day 4: 91, 124/77 (!!!), 5.4. Glucose numbers looking good but what's with that BP?!? Remnants of a bad dream? :P

Today was process group so the morning workout got sacrificed. Getting up at 3am for a border run is always fun. Still, good sesh today even though CSG was missing. I think that she's always had a big presence and when she's around the session tends to evolve around her contributions. Still, it did feel like something was missing. #PG

Sleep always gets messed up a bit on PG day. I can't doze in the cab, nor the bus, nor at the hospital so it's reading some shite on reddit or distracting myself with stupid Android games or staring out into space over some cold water. Hmm, actually I did get some shuteye in the waiting room so that helped. #zzz

I think that, for me, day 4 is sorta when it becomes real, the idea that I am actually, really, no kidding, on a fast. All kinds of coping mechanisms pop up. I drew out my islands of personality and populated the bits on fasting. Circles of support seem important, some folks to check in with to let them know I'm alive, some folks to brag about new achievements, some folks to chat about ideas on what's going on during fasting and stuff. #reality

On track for 14-15 bottles of water today. That might be close to my limit. It's enough to make me feel good the next day but there doesn't seem to be enough of me to process more water. #water #TMI

I'm ambivalent about Wonderful Wonderful.

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Sep 25 '17
For me day 4 really hits me too. Its that make it or break it. I feel it on my tongue.
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By Sophie
Added Sep 25 '17



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