Water Fast #2 - Day 3 of 31 from Sophie's log

My numbers at the start of day 3: 92.3, 107/79, 6.8. Lots of water loss + clearing of digestive backlog!

So ... for two days so far, I've managed to pull off 2 workouts a day! Low intensity keto-style workouts. 45-min walk around the estate in the morning, and weights + 30 min walk/run on the treadmill in the evening. Sorta re-discovering one of the first rules of workouts, the more one does, the more one can do. Good feeling about this. #workout #fingers-crossed

I spent most of the day lounging in front of the telly catching up on Marvel's Agents of Shield. Wow, season 4 is really really well-written. 7 episodes left to watch, think that'll have to move to tomorrow. #distraction

Water was a thing today. As in I'm drinking a crap load of it. 14x 600ml bottles so far and it's only 9pm. Think there's allowance for another 2 bottles. Sipping from the salt water bottle when I feel like it so I don't get poisoned by dihydrogen monoxide!! Wondering if I ought to up my supplements. Am feeling good so far. #water

The Killers are a good act but I am getting rather sick of them. It was bound to happen when I put all their albums into a single playlist and left it on repeat. I NEED NEW MUSIC!! Maybe I'll have to leave the radio on the next couple days. #music

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By Sophie
Added Sep 24 '17



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