Water Fast #2 - Day 2 of 31 from Sophie's log

My numbers at the start of day 2: 94.1, 118/88, 7.2.

Here's a secret: cold water mitigates those "hunger pangs" from the stomach.

Hunger pangs in quotes cos, apparently, that feeling from the stomach? It's not real hunger, it's just that the stomach's used to certain things at certain times, and it's just wondering when the next thing's coming. Real hunger? It's a mouth and throat feeling. #hunger

I've got 7 600ml bottles of water in the fridge, and another 5 outside. That seems to be enough if I refill them immediately. #logistics

So, it's never too early to think about that first refeed meal. It's probably going to be liver. Again. I'm turning into a creature of habit no matter what I'm doing. Liver is good, though. The one difference is it might be a pig liver instead of a cow liver this time. #refeed #liver

This has not been properly scienced but I gauge my state of ketoness by the colour of my pee. Pee colour usually ranges from clear to shades of yellow and/or green. From observation and correlation with what's been going on, I've come to believe that yellow = body has spare glucose, and green = body has spare ketones. #pee #TMI

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By Sophie
Added Sep 23 '17



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