Day 50 IF from Arekay's log

Since I started IF the process of fasting went smoothly. Hunger doesn't bother me, and my fasting length increased. I loved the fact that I only ate once a day, and that I don't need to think about food so much. Right now I go 23 hours fast and 1-hour feed (more like once I'm done eating my only meal).

However, right now I'm struggling with IF right now. Primarily due to the fact that I sprained my ankle. The dilemma is that I'm in pain and I can only take painkillers with food. I haven't taken any medication yet because I have been able to live with the pain.

Right now it's 2 A.M. and I can't sleep because of my ankle. Luckily, I don't work tomorrow. 

I may consider medication when I do eat in a few hours.

Right now I'm on hour 12 of 23.

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Sep 23 '17
Good luck at work tomorrow. Keep it up.
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By Arekay
Added Sep 23 '17


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