4 Day (88 Hour) Fast: Sep. 18 PM to Sep. 22 PM from kaleidoscopeiiis's log

Context: This is going to be my log for a 4 day (96 hour) fast, that started last night around 8 PM and will go until 8 PM (or so) on September 22. I will update this same log each day with notes on what I drank, did, and experienced, including weight loss results, and I will also include follow-up notes on how I break the fast and how much weight I regain. I have completed about a dozen or more fasts of this length or longer, and even more 1-3 day fasts, so this should be a pretty simple fast for me, but I am new to this website and like the idea of having a place to keep track of each fast I do! This fast is going to be followed by a 10 day fast starting next Monday, so this is just a warm-up!

Starting Weight (as of Sep. 19 in the AM): 152.4 lbs

Ending Weight: 145.6

Sep. 19, Day 1

Weight: 152.4 lbs

Normal first day of fasting. Got a little hungry towards bedtime. Didn't drink enough, only about 50 oz of liquid (coffee/tea/water), which is unusual for me. Usually I naturally drink 70-80 oz in a day, even when not fasting. Went for a 1 mile run up and down the hill in my neighborhood around 8pm, took about 10 seconds off my best time, which was great. (Only a 9:35 minute mile, but I am pretty slow still, and the first half mile is a big hill.)

Sep. 20, Day 2

Weight: 148.2 lbs

Down 4.2 lbs. Already cold this morning, and wishing I had gotten more sleep (about 8 hours, but doesn't feel like enough). Happy that my "weekend weight" is gone. I had more sugar and alcohol than usual Friday-Monday, so losing 4 lbs of water weight seems about right. Hopefully some of that was fat, though. Had my usual two shots of espresso, a few cups of black tea, herbal tea, veggie broth, and water/La Croix, for a total of about 76 oz of liquid. Did some squats, push-ups, lunges, and sit-ups. Rather bad headache this evening, but probably from far too much computer time today.

Sep. 21, Day 3

Weight: 146.8

Down another 1.4 lbs. Extremely thirsty this morning, and somewhat hungry. Was restless last night and didn't sleep well, which is normal for me starting around Day 3. Hungry hungry hungry tonight. Veggie broth didn't help. Looking forward to seeing what the scale says tomorrow. That number plummeting every morning, and looking forward to that moment of being rewarded for my self-discipline, is what keeps me on track. Did bodyweight exercises. Did a much better job of drinking water today.

Sep. 22, Day 4

Weight: 145.6

Down 1.2 lbs since yesterday. Went to bed with a headache, and woke up with a worse one. I assume it is either "keto flu" or possibly not enough potassium, since I've been on top of my other supplements. I have low blood pressure to start, so I think my electrolytes being balanced is ultra important for me. I didn't get lightheaded almost at all on this fast, though, which was very nice, and I think it was because I started veggie broth on Day 2. Going to break my fast this evening. Looking forward to it! That said, I relish the freedom of fasting. I think that fasting success comes down to habits. Eating is a habit, a good one in most cases, and not eating is also a habit. When I fast, it's just something that isn't a part of my day. Now that I've been EFing regularly since February or so, I don't obsess over food as much as I used to while fasting. I used to watch tons of cooking videos and obsessively read recipe blogs, and imagine what I would cook and eat when I was done with the fast. I still do that a little--I do love cooking and eating--but mostly now I just try to get other stuff done in the extra time. I am feeling a little nervous about my ten day fast next week, but I am looking forward to a re-feeding weekend full of healthy food and some tasty treats. We have houseguests coming, so there are going to pancakes in my life tomorrow, which hardly ever happens (like maybe once a year or less). I'm vegan, so I just usually don't bother making things like that, because I don't tend to have the ingredients on-hand. Breakfasts for me are usually oatmeal, fruit smoothies, or sometimes an English muffin with guacamole or hummus. If I eat breakfast at all. ;-)

Broke fast 8 hours early, and had a small salad for lunch, mainly because I have so many chores to do today before my houseguests come, and I felt I needed the energy, and I was weirdly hungry for it being day 4. About 3 minutes after I put a bite in my mouth (not exaggerating at all here) my digestive system lurched to life, which I find interesting, because that food definitely wasn't all the way through yet, but the engines started right up regardless. I wonder if my saliva/stomach acid triggered it.

I lost 5.6 lbs in 4 days. Not bad! Guessing that I'll be up 2-3 lbs tomorrow, but this is okay. Anyway, I call this a successful fast! Looking forward to my first ten day fast starting on Monday.

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