Day 8/9 - OMAD where have you been all my life? from Mazmataz's log

So I managed to complete OMAD yesterday - I was getting some pretty strong hunger pangs in the afternoon, but I imagine that the bottle of wine and lack of sleep from the day before wasn't helping!  It was tough - but when I could finally eat, it was awesome!

It made me really think about what I want from an eating plan.  As someone who loves food, to be able to enjoy whatever food you like and still lose weight?  That's the dream no?  And all it requires is to acquire the mental strength to avoid eating stuff during the day that you probably don't appreciate or enjoy all that much anyway.  Food tastes so good after a long fast!

So I'm giving it another go today.  Strangely I've had some hunger pangs this morning which I don't usually get - possibly all in my head?

Having said all of the above, I think that variety and enjoyment are the keys to sticking to something and so I don't plan on doing OMAD every day...maybe 3-4 days a week, with calorie counting 16/8 on the other days - and one 'feeding/free eating' day at the weekend.  

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By Mazmataz
Added Sep 18 '17



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