Day 3/4 from Mazmataz's log

Made some pretty rubbish food choices yesterday as I couldn't get out to do a grocery shop - so ended up having white pasta for dinner followed by a PB (wholegrain!) sandwich.  Finished the day on just over 1200 cals and fairly satisfied given how little protein I had.

I woke up this morning really craving something sweet for breakfast.  As soon as I got into work and got some coffee down me I was fine.  Better than fine, I was on fire this morning.  Best mental clarity yet!! Due to workload I actually ended up extending my fast to 17.5 hours accidentally - woop!

So for lunch I had one of my favourite local meals, a little place in town that does vegan/veggie friendly middle eastern salads.  I've eaten here loads and I've always loved their salads.  However today it was next level!!  I found that I appreciated the taste and flavours so much more than usual, and I kept thinking how good it was after.  Definite benefit of this plan if I get to enjoy my food so much!  I also followed up with a mini vegan coffee square from the same place (only 200 cals, shhh!), and oh my good god it was also out of this world!

It's now 5pm and surprisingly I'm feeling a little hungry.  I never usually feel hungry at this time, even before the fasting - and I had a fairly substantial lunch today.  I've got salmon planned for dinner so hopefully some protein will sort me out.

Until tomorrow :) 

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By Mazmataz
Added Sep 14 '17



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