Water Fast #2 Prep from Sophie's log

T minus 11 days. Time to keto up and to beef up my vitamin/mineral stores.

Will be minimizing carb and sugar intake starting today.

Ate a 300g piece of liver for breakfast. Think I scratched the surface of Vit A OD. At least now I know my limits. US RDA is 900 units. US recommended daily max is 3000 units. I had approx 9000 units. But I also found out that life-threatening levels is 500,000 units (half a million) so still safe... but I reckon between 9k units and 500k units are entire ranges of discomfort and physical bodily distress. There will be another liver meal next Wed or Thu. Another 300g should still be fine.

Continuing my 2 large-ish servings of greens daily. I think this should wind down by next Fri, and for a meat/fat only diet to lead into the fast. (So, 6 days ago, I ate a large serving of bittergourd and spinach and the lethargy that had been bugging me since the first fast went away. Some logicking pointed to early, non-specific symptoms of Vit C deficiency. So, pure zerocarb is not for me. Anyhow there's been some suggestion that orientals are less zerocarb compatible.)

I'm doing a number of coffees a day now. 4-6 I think. Cold-brew with whipping cream. Start winding down to get to 0 by next Sat.

Emergency food for the duration of the fast might be canned tuna flakes in water.

Activities. I'd dropped the ball on physical activities. Starting Tuesday, I'll want to get some cardio in. Not sure what type yet, maybe start easy with walking.

Do I want to flush out my digestive system prior to the fast by means of an epsom salt solution? Decide by tomorrow, to be carried out before this Sun.

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By Sophie
Added Sep 13 '17



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