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I saw a dietitian yesterday. Told me I'm having too many carbs for my single meal (apparently the amount per single meal matters more than total amount throughout the day) and I should introduce more healthy fats to my diet, which is currently pretty poor in fats.

These are age old habits of course... I'm just not a fan of fatty food, healthy or not, the taste never grew on me. Guess I'll have to adjust.

Another thing she said was about my snacks - after my meal, the rest of the eating window I just snack occasionally until I don't feel like it and\or my 4 hours are over. She said instead of grazing it's preferable nutritionally to collect all of these snacks (I'm talking things like yogurt\biscuits\granola\nuts) to be another "meal" 3 hours after my real meal.  Gonna try that.

It's a bit weird that she's about 1.5 my size. You'd expect someone who gives out nutritional advice to look healthy.

Right now I'm at the start of a longer fast (over 24h), I'm 3h in so not really feeling anything interesting. My fasts vary in length quite a bit this week since I got quite a few events that mess with my routine; I guess you should be prepared for that though, there will always be something.

I wonder how these variations affect my (not-existing) results; posted a discussion topic about that.

Going to the gym soon and then call it a day.

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By PopFnordette
Added Sep 6 '17



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