Day 3 from Nessaroze's log

Yesterday... Yesterday was a very bad day. It started out just fine, but then I hit the horribleness of fasting. I was tired, no energy, brain fog, etc. I think I slept in most of the day, until some of the family came to visit in the evening and I had no choice but to greet them and be social. Also had a huge fight with my sister, who claims looking at me and my dad is enough to know everything about fasting. I told her that's ignorant and she started yelling at me and moving her neck and all that. Ugh. I gave her a smile and left the table, and we haven't talked since. She's convinced my mom I call her names. I'm not in the mood to deal with this crap.

Since I had slept so much in the afternoon, it was hard to fall asleep at night, so I ended being in bed from 9pm-1am just reading. That was fun. I wish I could afford to do that every day.

Woke up about an hour ago today. So far I'm feeling sharp and focused. If this fast will follow the same general shift of the big fasts I used to do in 2008 (I also fasted earlier this year, but I don't remember having days like yesterday there), then my hard days are always either day 2 or 3, and then either 4 or 5, and then smooth sailing. Though I'm really hoping yesterday was the end of it. I need to function and study for exams and hand in assignments and stuff.

Didn't do an enema yesterday, seeing I had a lot of bowel movements all through my waking hours.

Stats from this morning:
Weight - 144.5 kg (-0.9kg form yesterday)
Glucose - 107 (still too high)
BP - 124/74 (yay! perfect!)
HB - 93 (too high I think)

Measurements from this morning:
Chest - 122 cm
Waist - 111 cm (-1 from yesterday, -5 in total of two days. Still weird. Still amazing for me to see)
Hips - 135 cm (-1 from yesterday)

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By Nessaroze
Added Sep 6 '17



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