Day 0 from Nessaroze's log

So after a few bumps and burps on the road, alongside a first period in 6 months, I finally started my fast. Took a bunch of magnesium to do a flush and I'm waiting for the effects to start as I type this. Stats and measurements will be tomorrow. For now, I started this at about 18:00, and I've got an entire day planned out of the house tomorrow so I won't be anywhere near food at my usual breaking point, which is sometimes around 15:00.

Mostly, I'm just tired right now, with 0 energy. I'm suspecting part of this is a depression flare, which will probably remain present until I find a new job.

Don't like counting hours, but half a day doesn't really feel fast-ish to me, so I tagged today as day 0.

Good luck to me.

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Sep 4 '17
Hope you'll kick the depressed feeling soon... I find fasting strangely gives me energy. Not really physically, but mentally. Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll feel better :)
Sep 4 '17
Thank you ♥
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By Nessaroze
Added Sep 3 '17



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