Day 4 from Missmagnolia's log

Today was easier. I was highly productive and energetic.

I love cooking while fasted. Yesterday I made my kids some granola peanut butter and raisin bites. They love them. And I made my husband a lemon bread with coconut flour he loves.

Today I made everyone some lentil soup, peanut free granola bars for lunch boxes, and an after school veggie salad for the kids.

I’m so glad I have them to feed while I fast. It keeps me occupied and I feel less restricted. I could eat if I wanted but I have self control. It feels great.

I’m glad I’m not tempted by food because today we went to dinner with my husband’s family. It was an Asian restaurant so I ordered miso soup and nursed that the whole time. One person offered me some of there food but it wasn’t a big spectacle and no one noticed.

If this were a short term fast I would consider that a break but one bowl of miso over 21days is not bad at all. I hope it doesn’t mess with tomorrow. Usually after the 3rd day I’m smooth sailing.

Day 3 Weight: 123.8
Day 4 Weight: 122.1

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By Missmagnolia
Added Jan 7 '18


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